I’m back in NYC after a whirlwind weekend in LA for the debut of CAbi’s Fall ’11 Collection (lots more details to come). The rest of the time I spent with friends who indulged me in photo shoots, among other things.

Here I am dancing with trees at the Viceroy in Santa Monica (DVF Fluerette Dress, Jil Sander heels, Theodora & Callum earrings, lia sophia bracelet last seen here, BCBG clutch, ring from Nest, Aaron Shelton hair, Gotham Glow tan).

I’m obsessed with fashion blogs and the creative ways in which people style and photograph their looks.  But for me I always wondered, “who the hell cares what I’m wearing?” and “won’t everyone want to punch me in the face when they find out how much I dropped on these shoes?”

But apparently you do and you don’t.

So…I’m excited to announce that I’m partnering with Nicole from Momtrends and Kristin & Megan from BonBon Rose Girls to host a fashion linky. We’ll rotate it every 3 weeks so if you’re a blogger, hopefully it will inspire you to put together some fun outfits and tell us what you’re wearing, and if you’re a reader, you’ll have plenty of style inspiration to browse for the week.

Since I’m not dating nor married to a photographer (yet) like the greats, you’ll have to put up with a lot of self-taken iPhone pics as well as “Dances with Trees” poses.  But it’s fun and inspirational so I’m willing to put myself out there, ridiculous poses and all.  Don’t laugh, promise?

Oh, and should my vogueing and penchant for expensive bags and shoes become obnoxious, just email me with the subject line, “GFYM.”


Thanks for the photos Aimee!


  1. Sofia
    Twitter: frompdxwithlove

    I love the dress!! I’d love to join Monday Mingle but my wardrobe is so lacking in awesomeness and clothes that actually fit….gosh I need to go shopping…hopefully I can find a dress like yours!!

  2. Wow, sounds like you had a fabulous time and what a fantastic dress! Congrats on the partnership, too (good stuff, all around!)

  3. You’re gorgeous, and you wear that dress so beautifully!

  4. first of all..let me just say….Coral is YOUR color girl! Love it!!!
    What a fun idea…and love the blogs you are partnering with.

  5. Kristin
    Twitter: BonBonRoseGirls

    You look gorgeous lady!

  6. You look so pretty!! That is your color! Love the dress and makeup. Great idea

  7. You look so preeeetttttyyy!! That’s a great color on you. I’d love to link up with this. Sounds fun!! Beautiful pics :)

  8. Wow that dress is beautiful…you are STUNNING! I need some inspiration :)

  9. Nicole
    Twitter: mommiesatplay

    You are working that dress! I can’t wait for more style inspiration!!!

  10. you are just rocking that outfits with all kinds of sexy. glad i got a taste of it in person. wait, hmmm, that came out wrong.

  11. I can’t wait to hear more! Sounds like an amazing trip…you look gorgeous!

  12. Ummm… wowsa! You look absolutely GORG! And that tan is so killer! Love it! You are totally working it in the mirror pic and ‘dancing with trees’ pic! Work it, Glamamom!

  13. Jill!!!!!
    You are EVERYTHING in that dress! **2 snaps!**

  14. STYLE'N
    Twitter: stylennaina

    Wow look at you in your DVF dress…love it. And so cool you know Kristin, Megan, and Nicole. I love all of them!!!!

  15. Love the dress! It is such a beautiful color on you!

  16. you look so awesome, and i can’t imagine you featuring too many fancy shoes and bags to look at (and secretly covet)

    can’t wait for the linky fashion fun!

  17. Gorgeous dress! So glad you had fun in LA! I need to plan a trip up there! I am so close in San Diego but it stil seems like so far away:)

  18. Wow u look very beautiful–you and your dreamy husband make a dynamo couple…bravo!

  19. Kerri
    Twitter: SavvyMomNYC

    Great dress! Now I’ll have to go shopping to join the linky!

  20. You look absolutely glam! And what a great trip that was!

  21. Looove the dress and I’m so excited to kick off this partnership.

  22. Mimi
    Twitter: glossymimi

    Jealous! I have been trying to up the ante on my fashions. I’ll be linking up for sure! Glad you had a great time.

  23. Jenny Moyett
    Twitter: babblingofmommy

    GORGEOUS dress! You look absolutely beautiful.

    And congrats on the partnership!

  24. You look FAB! Love that dress and shoes. Great link up, I would lover to be apart of it!

  25. Ellen
    Twitter: babymeetscity

    So very Glamamom — love the dress & photos! Glad you had a great trip to sunny CA.

  26. sunshine
    Twitter: lilblksunshine

    Girl, you are working that dress. You look gorgeous. I love it! I hope you had a great time.

  27. Gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see the fashion blog linky, I can always use inspiration!

  28. Mitch
    Twitter: gaynycdad

    Beautiful as always and reeking of Glama!

  29. A Mommy in the City
    Twitter: amommyinthecity

    Such a fun idea! You look beautiful. LOVE that dress!

  30. Beautiful!!!!! I can’t wait to see more! But next time…come see me :)

  31. liz
    Twitter: bellebeandog

    You are a natural fashionista, Jill!

  32. Beautiful pictures! You work it Momma! :)

  33. Charlotte
    Twitter: MyPixieBlog

    OMG, MOMMA!!!! YOOOOOOU LOOK MAHHHHHHHH-VELOUS. seriously. the fourth picture down in particular is my favorite. you look like a supermodel!!! :) I love this new fashion linky you girls are hosting! maybe i’ll even join in one of these days (my pictures might be more tree-hugging than tree-dancing so YOU have to promise not to laugh). :)

  34. Patty
    Twitter: nycpatty

    Really love that dress on you! Glad you had a great time in CA!

  35. ah man you were in my city. hope you enjoyed yourself. you look GORGE and I’m looking forward to the linky!

  36. You look like a movie star! Great color!

  37. You are gorgeous!

  38. Amber
    Twitter: natertotblog

    Oh it’s always fun getting your picture taken, even if it’s just you and the trees, right? I LOVE the sexy/serious looking into the mirror pose.

  39. Tyesha
    Twitter: achicmommy

    Jill you look absolutely GORGEOUS in this dress and…I just love it the color works well on you and your pics are great. My husband isn’t a photographer either, so don’t feel bad..ha, but I do know what you mean!! I can’t wait to see more, but it’s such fun and I’m a sucker for reading and stalking what everyone else is wearing. It’s inspiration for other things I may not have thought of wearing in my own closet so I will most definitely be linking up.


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