Nike Make Yourself

Nike Training Club App {Week 4}

I'm one month into my Nike Training Club challenge! It was a particularly difficult week to find time to work out with hurricane preparations and traveling but because Nike Training Club app is right on my iPhone, there are no excuses. I met my goal of 3 runs and 3 Nike Training Club workouts, ... read more


Irene huffed and puffed but couldn't blow our little townhouse in (although our downstairs neighbors are kayaking from room to room as I write this). I'm thankful miss hurricane didn't live up to her hype but locking everything down and fleeing the city complicated an already hectic week, which ... read more

Google NYC Nap Pod


Last week I got a glimpse inside Google's NYC headquarters in Chelsea, thanks to a lovely friend who happens to be a Googler. Let me start by saying, from an outsider's perspective, it was all that and then some, tall dark and handsome. I saw the preferred mode of transportation in ... read more

Toe Touches

Nike Training Club App {Week 3}

It's been 3 weeks since I downloaded the Nike Training Club app and I'm finally feeling strong and fluid in my workouts. I ran 3 times this past week and did 3, 15-minute Nike Training Club area-specific workouts targeting my abs and legs. Even Bubba got in on the action, showing me precisely how ... read more

Cosmopolitan Magazine September 2011


I'm over the moon to be part of an exclusive network of bloggers working with Cosmopolitan and its advertisers to create custom content that will be regularly featured in the magazine and online! The Cosmo Community speaks to over 23 million unique viewers every month to share a Fun Fearless ... read more

Eugenia Kim Fall 2011


I've fallen head over heels for hats. Maybe it's Kate Middleton and the royals' influence or maybe I'm just looking for a stylish way to hide my unwashed hair.  In any case, I can't get enough of them. Old floppy felt hat from Wilsons Leather Outlet, Anthropologie First Hints blouse, MAC ... read more

Maxi Skirts

Late Summer Soiree Style

Summer's not quite over yet and my calendar is still burning up with social engagements. But with all changes of season, it's tricky to find an appropriate and comfortable outfit.  Some days are hot and humid, while others like yesterday are breezy and cool. Fortunately, this year it's all ... read more