TOMS Sunglasses


By now I'm sure your familiar with TOMS.  You can't make it down a single Manhattan block without spotting a pair or two. Leo sat next to founder Blake Mycoskie on a flight a few years ago and heard first hand how he was inspired to create TOMS Shoes when he met children in a village in Argentina ... read more

Nike Training Club App

Nike Training Club {Week 1}

It's not easy starting a new workout routine while on vacation. We're eating out a ton and have friends and family visiting. But I managed to get in 2 "Get Lean" 30-minute Nike Training Club workouts, 2 runs, and some biking. To say I'm sore is an understatement. The routines on the Nike Training ... read more

Monday Mingle


Georgie St. Barth pants, Local Apparel top, Swiss Legend watch, bracelets from Mon Amour Chelsea, earrings from street vendor lower Fifth Avenue, Cynthia Rowley sunnies, Maybelline Fifth Avenue Fuchsia lips. Thank you for the photos Coll! Week 2 on the East End and we now have our BFFs in town ... read more

Chloe Marcie


I'm on the hunt for a fall bag. So far this one's in the lead: Or maybe something new from Rebecca Minkoff? It needs to be versatile and big enough to tote my SLR.  Also a more rugged leather so that I can rest it on the floor wherever I go (Christina reminded me never to leave my bag ... read more

Nike Training Club App

Nike Training Club App

I'm pumped to be participating in a fitness program with Nike Women's Training Club. You can join me too! Nike Training Club is a full-body training app for the iPhone/iTouch/iPad designed to help people of all fitness levels build on the fundamentals of strength, cardio, interval, and core ... read more


Thank you to SunTrust Bank via Glam Media for sponsoring this post. Starting one's own business is a huge risk.  There are start-up costs, opportunity costs, and of course the fear and anxiety that come with trying something new and managing your own destiny. But if you've taken that leap, then ... read more


We're officially on summer holiday and it feels oh so good! Except when we were visiting friends today and Sebastian grabbed the water hose then proceeded to spray it through the screen door across their perfectly decorated living room while commanding, "Say hello to my little friend!" Okay, ... read more