Thanks to Mintbox, I literally had my head in the clouds earlier this week at a presentation of Walter Baker’s Spring 2012 Collection at The Empire Hotel Rooftop Lounge.

Mixing urban and exotic, the collection offers a wide range of pieces including jackets, printed tops and dresses, and shorts. The long, flowy and feminine silhouettes are contrasted with constructed, super short ones for a girly but modern look. “My clothes tend to attract uptown girls with a downtown sensibility,” says Baker.

The natural lightening and rooftop setting put the clothes in context but the cuts and styling comes off a little too “youthful” for me personally. What do you think?

And for fun…

No red leather pants though. BOO!

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  1. need the top in the third photo and ALL of the dresses. please and thank you.

  2. Jill
    I absolutely adore this line, the styling, etc. I think it is perfect! Which is why there are so many different designers so there is something for us all. Thanks so much for sharing! And I love that picture of the housewive too. I like her top/dress. I don’t watch NYHW but I do watch OCHY and BVHW.

  3. There are some more juvenile pieces mixed in …that white dress….and maybe the sweater top w holes and then the see thru maxi…BUT I think pulled apart and worn with more conservative pieces they could work. I love that orange trench dress…right up my alley. Looked like a cool ambiance!

  4. I love the second picture of the shirt – see-through with all the details.

  5. I like two of the dresses — the black-and-white spotted one and the leopard-ish spotted one. Very cute. Looks like a really fun event.

  6. PS, just noticed your “I’m attending SheStreams” badge. Me too. Hope to see you there!

  7. So fun to see the Desperate Housewife! Love the long-in-the-back leopard-y like dress!

  8. A few of these pieces are really cute – and I could actually picture you in a couple of them.
    Okay, I am sad that there is no picture of your fashion for this day. :( I’ve really enjoyed seeing how you step out to these fashion events!

  9. “Uptown girl with a downtown sensibility”… nice! Yes, they are youthful. I would totally wear all those pieces while hanging with my friends. Ha!

  10. I like quite a few of the looks featured here, but is it just me, or do these models not have any boobs whatsoever? I just wonder if I could ever make the girls fit into some of those tops :p

    Awwww, I like Alex and Simon–at least for entertainment purposes!

  11. Jenny Moyett
    Twitter: babblingofmommy

    I can’t get over the harsh make-up, seems inappropriate for daytime. But I’m glad to see one of my America’s Next Top Model favs!

  12. I’m such a huge fan of Walter and their easy to wear pieces that always look finished even though they are so comfortable.

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