Sebastian is officially a school boy.

He started a gradual separation, 2’s program yesterday and I know it’s going to be great for him in terms of socialization and verbal development.  He’s the biggest in his class (and has the most hair, shocker!), although the youngest, which will have its issues but it’s hard to feel sad that my baby is growing up when he wants it so badly. Sebastian has always been eager to do things for himself and I’m spellbound watching him come into his own.


  1. He is so handsome! Harlan looked very dazed in her school picture too. How did the separation go? Har was the only one today that did separation which gave me two hours of bliss! ;)

    • Wow! Go Har. I was surprised Sebastian was way more shy than I thought he was going to be. Every time I walked away he called for me. We go back tomorrow so hopefully he’s a little more comfortable.

  2. He is one handsome little school boy! Hope Mama is okay, too. :)

  3. So handsome!! I can’t believe it is time for them to be independent already!!

    Megan started today too….she did great, me not so much!

  4. he’s so cute. total male version of you. :) can you believe how badly they want that independence?

  5. That is one seriously handsome boy you’ve got there. I hope he loves school!

  6. Wait, there was something about school in this post. I dunno. I was too busy staring at your extremely good looking kid. ;)

  7. Jill, he’s a little knockout! He has a great head of hair; and boy can you tell he has that South American blood running through those veins of his! Best of luck Sebastian!!

  8. What a GORGEOUS boy! I think it is good that you are sending him when he’s ready instead of worrying about his age. I am sure he will do great!

  9. Barbara
    Twitter: babspinfrance

    He is so handsome!! I’m sure he’ll do great in school!

  10. And soon he’ll have more girlfriends than you can wish for. He’s such a handsome little man. My son is going to start preschool in January next year. He wants to go, he’s ready, but the first days will be hard I guess. Or maybe I’m totally wrong. ;-)
    I know your boy is going to do great in school.

  11. He’s such a handsome little guy! Hope he enjoys school :)

  12. You son is so handsome and has the best hair! I am sure you get that a lot. I am sure its hard to put them in school. I am not looking forward to it.

  13. He is precious! I’m sure he’ll warm up quickly. Soon you’ll walk him in and he’ll jump right in with the other kids and forget all about you!

  14. Such a cutie! Love all his hair!

  15. Gorgeous! He is saying so much with those eyes! Big B is in school 2xs a wk now and he is great, much harder on the mama! good luck!

  16. Ohhh, I loooove him. He looks so grown up. Are you doing ok?

  17. STYLE'N
    Twitter: stylennaina

    such a cutie!! I am sure he will love it.
    Ariyana went back to preschool this week…she started mornings this year so I tell you what…we are all on a new sleep schedule. I go to bed earlier and wake up earlier…I think by Friday I will be exhausted! Anyway-hope you are doing well!!!

  18. Oh my gosh, he looks so handsome and mature!!!!!!
    Aaah, that first day of school…. so bittersweet!

  19. Kristin
    Twitter: BonBonRoseGirls

    You’ve got yourself one gorgeous kiddo lady! I think I’m going to put the dude in school a couple days a week after Christmas. It’s already giving me heart palpitations! Ha!

  20. What a great picture! He looks pensive…and handsome! My 2 year old started her school program this week. She was so proud to wear her backpack. I was a bit sad leaving her there, but knew I’d see her in a couple hours so it wasn’t too long.

  21. Oh he is so stinkin cute!!! What a stylish little man :)

  22. Oh my..should I be doing this? What side of two is your lil man on? I can’t remember..did he JUST celebrate his bday? Connor will be 2 next month and I take him to lil gym…(and did last year too, he loved it) but randomly this year when we go…he hides in the corner until the songs start and then joins the group? So weird…hopefully a phase..he is SO NOT SHY when its just him and I or my family….but I am thinking he needs some additional socialization after that …not sure I am ready to let him go…sigh.

  23. My goodness what a gorgeous boy!

  24. Sebastian is so handsome. I love him! LOL. How did it go? Was he shy or ready for you to hit the road? Aiden started Pre-K (WTF???!!!) this week and after asking me to stand by the door for five minutes, he was ready to rock and roll. I was like, “geez, was I that much of a bore this summer?!”

  25. He looks so cute! My 2yo looked up at me today and said, “Mommy, I just need some more time with you and then next year I can go to school”. Not ready!

  26. What a handsome (and stylish–just like mommy!) little man he is. Love the pic :)

  27. I just saw this post – he is the cutest thing ever! I hope he’s liking school!

  28. Amber
    Twitter: natertotblog

    Aw, he’s so handsome. I need to start Nate in one of those too. He keeps telling me that he wants to start school :) How’s he liking it?


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