If it weren’t for Sebastian, I’d probably spend the day on the couch weeping.  My story is a personal one but suffice to say September 11, 2001 was the most heartbreaking day of my life.

Each year I remember my story, our story, but reclaim the day with new memories and marvel at New York City’s resilience and all the beauty it has to offer.



  1. *Hugs*. Beautiful photos of your beautiful man.

  2. STYLE'N
    Twitter: stylennaina

    What a cutie Jill! And you have me intrigued with your story. I think so many of us will remember that day for the rest of our lives. I was at Boston Logan Airport getting ready to board a flight that morning but at the last minute we didn’t take off. I can’t believe it has already been 10 years.

  3. Kerri
    Twitter: SavvyMomNYC

    It looks like you spent the day enjoying Sebastian creating new memories. Thinking of you…

  4. Patty at A Day in My NYC
    Twitter: nycpatty

    I can totally see how that handsome face can brighten this day.

  5. Thinking of you and all NYCer’s (as well as Pentagon and PA) today and always.
    I can remember exactly where I was, the sadness, anger, pain, chaos… husband (then boyfriend) and his brother both worked in NYC- his brother at the WTC…he was running late that day, THANK GOD…although that didn’t give him much peace in the years to come.
    Truly a tragedy that we can never forget but hopefully empowers each of us to be so very thankful for our lives and our freedoms. Hugging my hubs and lil man a little tighter tonight for sure.

  6. He’s beautiful. Sending good thoughts your way. xoxo

  7. “Each year I remember my story, our story, but reclaim the day with new memories and marvel at New York City’s resilience and all the beauty it has to offer.”

    Beautiful, beautiful words…. and really it’s the best thing we can do as New Yorkers and so close to the heart of it all.

  8. Thoughts are with you! Glad you had your little man by your side today.

  9. sending hugs your way. that beautiful little guy can help you get through anything. :)

  10. Such lovely pictures of Sebastian!

    I’m with Yakini — the best thing we can do is reclaim the day and fill it with new and amazing memories. We’re New Yorkers… being resilient and moving on is what we do!

  11. Our children give us hope…the terrorist can’t take that away from us.

  12. Lanae
    Twitter: hungrigyrl

    Glad you were able to create new memories and find beauty in the here and now. Sorry for your hearbreak mama! (hugs)

  13. liz
    Twitter: bellebeandog

    The new face of NYC. :)

  14. What a beautiful parallel to remember along with this sad day.

  15. hugs, mama, hugs.

  16. I’m so glad you have Sebastian by your side for days when it’s just that much harder to get out of bed. 9/11 will always be a hard day to get through but I agree with your words: NYC is resilient and stronger than ever… it’s amazing that from so much tragedy, a city is able to rebuild, commemorate and honor.


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