Leo read the American Living post about the flannel I chose for him so I had to give it up a little earlier than planned. But he liked it so much, I’m going to order him a few more. Oh, and this faux fur vest for myself.  Because I work so hard and am so under appreciated, wink.

If you’re still stumped for gift ideas, have a look at what my fellow bloggers are gifting their loved ones.  And don’t worry, you still have time. If you order by this Friday, your package will arrive in time for Christmas.

Are you finished with your holiday shopping or still at it (like me)?

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  1. Funny enough, Derek’s holiday sweater in our portrait is from AL. I really like some of the pieces in their holiday collection.

    LOL @ Leon reading the post & getting a sneak peek of his Xmas gift. Too funny! DH doesnt read my style blog (only the mom one), which is I guess both good and bad.

  2. I just found your blog and I love it, I am a new follower!
    I am doing a give away I would love it if you stopped by and joined in!

  3. I can’t believe Christmas Eve is only 10 days away! And I have SO MUCH LEFT TO DO!!! Thank Buddha for the internet, since that’s where I’ll continue doing my shopping and thank YOU for all your helpful suggestions this holiday season! XOXO

  4. I’m still stumbling on a few gift ideas so I’m def going to check out the link you recommended!!

  5. I still have some gifts to buy. How did the holidays get here so quickly!

  6. I still have to shop for a few more people because they haven’t give us their wish lists yet and they’re supposedly coming!

  7. Bonnie
    Twitter: GlamKitten88

    I didn’t realize that Christmas was so close. GAHHHHHHH. Insert panic mode here.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. Of course you deserve it..wink wink!
    Love it..and a total steal at 1/2 will wear it a ton..and it looks like it will fit under a perfect for layering!
    Can’t wait to see how you style it!

  9. My hubby loves flannels and I guess he would since he owns a trucking biz. If flannels had a bit more pink in them, I might rock them! Those are cute pictured.

  10. That is cute. I am all done but still have so much packing to do!

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