Post-it Notes DIY Matching Game

DIY Post It Notes Matching Game

Supplies needed for a DIY Matching Game:

DIY Educational Memory Game

As a 3M Post-it® Brand Ambassador, I’m creating fun, unconventional ways to use Post-it Brand products and will be hosting some giveaways in the hopes that you’ll explore your own creative solutions.

One of the ways I love using Post-it Notes is for an educational matching/memory game. I made this classic game for our refrigerator so that when I’m cooking, Sebastian can be in the kitchen with me but engaged in his own activity. At nearly 4 years old, his memory is getting more sophisticated and matching games provide a ton of entertainment. Post-it Super Sticky Notes are bright and colorful, which are great for the memory game because they offer another identifier besides location. It’s also cool that they stick vertically, can be posted and re-posted over and over again, and won’t damage the surface we’re using.

To create:

Apply 2 of each sticker (or draw characters) to the backs of Post-it® Recycled Super Sticky Notes, arrange randomly in lines along a clean surface, and voila! A fun DIY matching game:

DIY Post It Notes Memory Game5

DIY Post It Notes Memory Game2

DIY Post It Notes Memory Game3

Check back for a giveaway and visit for more creative ways to use Post-it® products. If you try anything out, let me know how it goes!

{This series is sponsored by 3M Post-it® Brand. All opinions expressed herein are my own.}


  1. Anna
    Twitter: anna_sandler

    What an awesome idea! I can’t wait to try this!

  2. This is a super cute idea. I’m not the most crafty person in the world, but I could totally do this! :)

  3. Patty
    Twitter: pattyaizaga

    This is so awesome! Great tip for us babysitters as well. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do to entertain the little ones! :)

  4. Fun and such an inexpensive way to entertain the little ones! My girls are too big and “cool” for memory/matching games, but it’s a great idea :)

  5. Looks like an awesome , low-maintenance rainy day activity! Just pinned it for future use. :) Thanks!

  6. Ellen
    Twitter: babymeetscity

    Look at you with the DIY! :) Very cute and easy… thanks for the tip! Millie is really into matching as well.

  7. You’re very creative. Great idea! Post-it has you working hard on their behalf, and your ideas will sell thousands of dollars worth of products for them. Sure hope you’re being paid well and not falling for the “Ambassador is an honor” nonsense brands like to say to get people to work for free.

  8. That’s about my speed of craftiness!

  9. Kristin
    Twitter: BonBonRoseGirls

    Bookmarking! I would never have come up with this!

  10. LOVE THIS!!!! Can I play this game with your totally handsome BUBBA???

  11. Such a simple and GENIUS idea! I love this!


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