New Pampers Wipes Designs {& Giveaway}


Last year I took a trip to P&G’s headquarters in Cincinnati with the Pampers Baby Board, a group of online moms and dads committed to happy, healthy families. You may have seen me geeking out over vintage beauty products on Insta or eating my way through Cincy on Facebook.

Not only was the trip a blast but I learned a lot about the manufacturing of diapers and toured Pampers laboratories hearing first hand from the scientists and engineers that devote their careers to ensuring Pampers products are safe, comfortable, and effective. It’s quite an operation and I left feeling very secure in my decision to be a Pampers family and recommend the brand.

While meeting with P&G executives, the Baby Board was given the opportunity to choose 3 stylish new Pampers Wipes designs and they’re launching this month! You’ll see 9 new packaging designs total, 3 of which I had a direct hand in choosing. How cool is that?! Those are the designs above.

I love that Pampers Baby Wipes combine fashion with function. They’re perfect for any diaper bag or nursery and proven to condition the skin and help restore baby’s natural pH balance, milder than water and washcloth on baby’s delicate skin!


WIN IT! To celebrate the launch of Pampers Wipes newest designs, I’m giving away 1 picnic basket filled with ~$250 of Pampers products and other fun goodies inspired by the new designs and perfect for a summer getaway with your little one. The prize includes:

  • Pampers Swaddlers in Size of Choice
  • 3 Packages of Pampers Wipes in designs chosen by the PBB
  • Picnic Plus Basket
  • Mega Mat Folded Picnic Blanket with Shoulder Strap
  • Summer Infant ChangeAway Changing Kit
  • Munchkin Bowls, Cups, and Spoons
  • Joovy Boob Baby Bottle
  • Ylvis What Does the Fox Say Story Book
  • Skip Hop Owl Chime Ball
  • 30-Piece Whale Puzzle
  • Polaroid 300 Instant Camera & Film

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  1. i love the little animal, turtle print design! so cute !:)

  2. Patty
    Twitter: pattyaizaga

    How cute! I would have love to have had the designer wipes when I made my friend a gift basket for her new baby. They are so fun. I really love the one with the trees.

  3. I like the design with the fox.

  4. I like the whales :)

  5. Love the whale/turtle design! So cute!

  6. Turtles and Whales – so cute!

  7. Foxes!

  8. I like the whale design

  9. I love the aquatic theme with the whales!

  10. I like the purple design.

  11. I like the whale design best.

  12. Rebecca Parsons :

    I like the whale design the best out of the three.

  13. I love the little fox design. So, so cute.

  14. I love the one with the little foxes, I was cooing over it at work the other day!

  15. Would love this!

  16. jennifer horn :

    I like the package with the whales and turtles.

  17. Turtles and the whales design … all the way! So adorable.

  18. They are all cute! I like the green one with trees on it especially.

  19. The whales are adorable!

  20. kristen mcclary :

    i love the turtles and whales im a big turtle fan

  21. Jessica Beard :

    I like the whales and turtles design.

  22. Cassandra Eastman :

    I love the woodland print with the fox, so adorable!

  23. Kerri
    Twitter: SavvyMomNYC

    I love the green one with the trees!

  24. I like the woodland one:)

  25. Jennifer Marie :

    I like the turtle and whale design.

  26. So cute!! Love the woodland one!

  27. I like the one with the fox on it!

  28. I like the woodland.

  29. jennifer wexler :

    the whales is cute

  30. I like the whale and turtle design.

  31. I like the whale design

  32. Tree one is my favorite for sure. Love it.

  33. Nicole Millheim :

    I like the fox

  34. These are so cute! I love the one with whales!!

  35. definitely the whales & turtles design is my fave!

  36. Colleen Boudreau :

    Love the whale/turtle design!

  37. I like the design with the fox. Cute

  38. sheena childs :

    The FOX!

  39. I like the Turtles and Whales – so cute!

  40. Sarah Oswald :

    I love the turtles and whales design the best but they are all cute.

  41. Deirdre
    Twitter: beautymustsmom

    I love the wipes with the pastel turtles and whales. Thanks for the chance to win for my adorable new nephew!

  42. I love the one with the whales and tortoises.

  43. I love the one with the whales! It’s so cute!

  44. The one with the little foxes!

  45. I’m totally into whales. My son has many things with a whale logo.

  46. The whales and turtles is my favorite!

  47. jenn mcclearn :

    I love the little fox design :)

  48. I love the whale print!


  49. I think I may buy these just because they are adorable! Love the little whales and turtle print~~

  50. The turtles are adorbs

  51. I am loving the whale design! Really cute!

  52. I love the green wipes in the tree designs.

  53. Foxes just get to me!

  54. Green package with trees

  55. I like the whales – would love to see any sea creatures on their designs.

  56. I like the whale.

  57. My favorite are the whales and turtles.

  58. saminder gumer :

    i like the ones with whales on it.

  59. The fox one!

  60. Whales!

  61. I like the whales and turtles

  62. I love the “What Does the Fox Say” inspired design! So hipster cool!

  63. the whales and turtles

  64. I like the whale & turtles

  65. I think the fox one is adorable!

  66. Heather Hayes Panjon :

    The Whales And Turtle Design Is My Favorite!

  67. Loving the whales ones! Adorable!

  68. Carmen Van Deursen :

    The cute fox is my favorite.

  69. Stacey Roberson :

    The one with the foxes is my favorite.

  70. the fox design is my favorite for sure! So very cute!

  71. I love the fox, and I am excited about the Ylvis book.

  72. Susan Christy :

    Love the FOX!

  73. shelly peterson :

    I like the design with the fox.

  74. I love the Whales design. They all are super cute.

  75. whales are awesome

  76. Love the new designs! They look so fresh!

  77. Jennifer (robbins) A. :

    My favorite design is the whales and turtles; the fox is a close second! : )

  78. the whales and turtles!

  79. Gina M (Wild Orchid) :

    I love the whale design!

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  80. I like the turtles and whales design.

  81. i love the whales design the best. so cute.

  82. i love the whales

  83. I think the whales are the cutest , hands down!

  84. Sarah Griffin :

    The fox ones are way too cute!!!! I like those the best.

  85. the one with the whales and turtle

  86. My favorite is the green colored with leaves design. Thanks.

  87. I really like the woodland looking design {the fox is adorable}!

  88. I like the turtle and whale design, it’s so cute.

  89. the fox one is cute.

  90. heather eg kaufman :

    I like the turtle/whales design.

  91. I like the one with the green background.

  92. love the turtle and whale design.

  93. They are all adorable! I especially like the little whale and turtles pattern.

  94. I love the whales!!

  95. BusyWorkingMama
    Twitter: busyworkingmama

    I like the whales and turtles design a lot. How cute! Thanks for the chance to win!

  96. The whales are super cute.

  97. I like the one with trees!

  98. Cálaeb Temple :

    i like the whale very much.

  99. I love the fox design

  100. I love the little foxes!!

  101. I like the whale and turtle design.

  102. deborah pressley :

    I love the whales , too cute

  103. I like the one with the fox :)

  104. Would love to win this!

  105. whales

  106. Definitely the whale design!

  107. the whale design

  108. What a great giveaway! This would be perfect for my new niece!

  109. I love the whales and turtles- those are so cute. And will be so great for my son to look at while I’m changing his diaper- a great distraction! Thanks for the giveaway!

  110. The woodlands design.

  111. Love the turtle print!

  112. My favorite is the whale design with the turtle.

  113. I like the green with trees.

  114. The colorful tree design is cute!

  115. Definitely the whales!!

  116. The animals one is super cute! Thanks for the giveaway. I have some baby showers for friends coming up this fall!

  117. I love the fox.

  118. I like the turtles and whales.

  119. Oh emm gee, FOXES! :)

  120. I love turtles so defiantly that one!

  121. The whales and turtles are precious!

  122. The whales are my favorite!

  123. Beautiful basket! little whale pattern is too cute!

  124. Oh, so cute! I think I like the whales the best.

  125. Really diggin the whales.

  126. My favorite by far is the whale design!!

  127. I like the fox

  128. I like the whales and turtles.

  129. Whales are so cute!

  130. The designs are all cute. My favorite is the design with the fox.

  131. All of the designs are cute but I think my favorite is the whale!

  132. Deborah Gardner :

    I think the whale design is the most adorable of the new wipes.

  133. Such a sweet giveaway! The basket really sets everything off, so very nice! I love the little fox design and the whales…can’t make up my mind :) Thanks so much for this sweet giveaway and best of luck to all.

  134. love the fox!

  135. I love the Pampers Sensitive fox design.

  136. The whale design is too cute!

  137. The fox is too cute

  138. I love the turtle/whale design!

  139. Loving the fox design!

  140. I love the one with the Fox!

  141. The whale design is my favorite!

  142. I like the one in the middle with the trees.

  143. Robyn Bellefleur :

    I like the fox design.

  144. I love the turtles and whales, too cute!

  145. My favorite print are the giraffes.

  146. Im a fan of the whales!

  147. Allison Downes :

    I like the whale design.

    Thanks for the chance to win this!

  148. Stephanie O'Day :

    I really, really love the whale design (although they all are pretty cute)!!

  149. I love the design with the whales and turtle – we actually have a “Turtle/Ocean” theme for my baby’s room (using Squirt from Finding Nemo as inspiration).

  150. I love the turtles and whales.

  151. Christine M
    Twitter: _tubbytellly

    I like the trees/leaves one.

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