Vimbly | Things To Do In NYC With Kids


My cousin Alex is interning this summer with the new booking service, Vimbly. It’s like Opentable but instead of restaurant reservations, you can browse, compare pricing, and book activities in NYC (and quite a few other metropolitan areas).

There are thousands of instantly bookable activities like martial arts and dance classes, wine tastings, harbor cruises, and Broadway shows, just to name a few. The activities range from luxurious date ideas for couples, to free fitness classes for people looking to save a few bucks.

What really struck me as interesting for my city mamas is the kids activities. Chess? Fencing? Trampoline class? JAPANESE ANIME CHARACTER DRAWING?! The list of children’s activities looks so fun I want to get in on them myself!

Check it out and please let us know what you think!

Things To Do In NYC With Kids
Things To Do In NYC
Broadway Shows

Najla | Timeless Lingerie. Ethically Made

Najla Lingerie

Are you guys familiar with Kickstarter? It’s a online funding platform for entrepreneurs to raise money for creative projects without having to give up a piece of the company to its backers. Regular folks like you and me can get involved in projects that tickle our fancy to help get them off the ground in return for some type of reward, usually tied to the finished product.

I’ve been getting a lot of introductions to new projects lately but these gorgeous photos of Najla Lingerie really jumped out at me.

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Perfume Without the Bottle | Lisa Hoffman Beauty Fragrance Bracelets

Lisa Hoffman Fine Fragrance Jewelry

A perfume’s packaging and design can woo us long before we catch a whiff of its scent.

Lisa Hoffman Beauty is taking fragrance packaging to the next level by eliminating the bottle in favor of chic, wearable jewelry that holds perfume beads inside a charm.

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#RBabyRocks | R Baby Foundation’s “Rockin’ to Save Babies’ Lives” Benefit Concert

RBaby Rocks Concert

w/Lauren Jimeson
Jill Seiman Lauren Jimeson RBabyRocks_png

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New Pampers Wipes Designs {& Giveaway}


Last year I took a trip to P&G’s headquarters in Cincinnati with the Pampers Baby Board, a group of online moms and dads committed to happy, healthy families. You may have seen me geeking out over vintage beauty products on Insta or eating my way through Cincy on Facebook.

Not only was the trip a blast but I learned a lot about the manufacturing of diapers and toured Pampers laboratories hearing first hand from the scientists and engineers that devote their careers to ensuring Pampers products are safe, comfortable, and effective. It’s quite an operation and I left feeling very secure in my decision to be a Pampers family and recommend the brand.

While meeting with P&G executives, the Baby Board was given the opportunity to choose 3 stylish new Pampers Wipes designs and they’re launching this month! You’ll see 9 new packaging designs total, 3 of which I had a direct hand in choosing. How cool is that?! Those are the designs above.

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Beauty Buzz | SkinCeuticals Physical Eye UV Defense

SkinCeuticals-Physical-Eye-UV-DefenseI honestly don’t use a ton of skincare products but I do spring for specialty products for the sensitive areas of my face like eyes and lips.

The skin around our eyes is the thinnest, therefore the most vulnerable to environmental factors, diet, and sleep. Not surprisingly, it’s also one of the first places women notice signs of aging. It certainly was for me. As a result, you’ll rarely catch me without sunglasses and I’m religious about applying eye cream at night. I wear under eye concealer if I want to look my best (this is my favorite) but otherwise I’ve just been use a daily moisturizer with SPF to cover my entire face. Until now.

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Mode Monday | Poolside

helen jon cover up

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Glam Baby Gear | Maxi-Cosi Bohemian Blue Collection

Maxi-Cosi Bohemian Collection
The list of stroller and car seat options and fabrics is a mile long but rarely do we see a gorgeous print like Maxi-Cosi’s new special edition Bohemian Blue Collection.

Billed as “fashionable baby gear products for the free spirited,” the playful and colorful Maxi-Cosi Bohemian Blue Collection is inspired by hand-crafted items. The striped fabric is available on Maxi-Cosi’s popular Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat, Mico AP Infant Car Seat, and Kaia Stroller retailing for $225-$275.

We received a Maxi-Cosi Kaia lightweight stroller in Bohemian Blue for review and it’s definitely a scene-stealer:

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How-To Fight Frizz | Alberto VO5′s National Anti-Frizz Month

Happy August, friends! Can you believe we’re half way through the summer! Where does the time go?!

The weather in New York has been all over the place this summer. Who knows what this month holds. Typically, August is the most hot and humid month of the year, which really does a number on my hair! I try to lay off the styling as much as possible and let my hair just air dry but unfortunately, that’s when it’s its frizziest and unruly.

I’m thrilled to be partnering with Alberto VO5®, the legendary hair care brand known for its affordable, 5 Essential Vitamin formula, to launch its second annual “National Anti-Frizz Month,” empowering women to fight August’s dog days. I’ll be posting 3 brief videos to discuss the science behind frizz and how to prevent it before it starts, an easy summer hairstyle to get your hair up off your face, and VO5′s recommended 5-step process and products to prevent and manage frizz.

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Avenue Q’s 11th Anniversary

Avenue Q the MusicalTypically, audience members are asked to turn off all cell phones prior to the start of a show. That was not the case at last night’s unique, interactive social media performance of Avenue Q, celebrating the Tony award-winning musical comedy’s 11th anniversary.

Cousin Kat and I were encouraged to share our experience on social media with the hashtag #AVENUEQLIVE and treated to a post-show reception with the puppets and previous cast members.

I can’t believe it took me so long to see Avenue Q and I’m really glad I did. The show is clever, entertaining, and left us in stitches:

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