Back-to-School Trends {& a Target Gift Card Giveaway}

Back to school target

When I think back to the start of each new school year growing up, the aroma of new school supplies and pristine leather shoes comes to mind. Uncertainty countered by excitement. My mom usually took us on two trips to prepare for the new year: one to buy the requisite school supplies and another to the shoe store in the village we lived to acquire a new pair of black or brown shoes (I wore a uniform throughout my early education).

Sebastian is starting Kindergarten this year and for the next almost two decades, back-to-school will again be a very important time in my life filled with the same anticipation and trepidation. Do you remember when Sebastian started nursery school? It feels like just yesterday but now a bus will be coming to take him to school for half the day.

I don’t know for sure what the transition will bring but we’ve been talking a lot about it and now that August is nearing, we got a jump on back-to-school shopping at Target, which has gotten this little Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-obsessed shopper very eager for the new school year. He loved picking out his own supplies from the enormous selection and I of course love the unbeatable value and overall shopping experience. I was even able to kill two birds with one stone and get some grocery shopping done:


Target Backpacks

Little Shopper

Crayola at target

Kids Scissors

Supplies Sale Target

The aisles are immaculate and there are just so.many.options. Target researches school lists to be sure they have everything we need on hand. Our local store has a dedicated section for back-to-school in addition to everyday office supply aisles stocked with our favorite brands like Crayola and Post-it.

Not surprisingly, Sebastian chose a ton of Ninja Turtles stuff including a cool backpack (complete with a half shell) and a matching lunch box that says, “booyakasha!” Apparently he’ll will be right on trend (according to my sources at Target):

Top Back-to-School Trends:

  • Attachable matching accessories to backpacks and lunch boxes
  • Colorful supplies, including notebooks and book covers
  • Stylish locker accessories like disco balls and metallic mirrors
  • Chevron, plaid, camouflage and peace sign patterns

Must-Have Products:

  • Houndstooth, Peace, Camo and Dinosaur Backpacks
  • Frog and Panda Lunch Boxes
  • Monster, Robot, Owl and Fox Water Bottles
  • up&up School Supplies
  • Yoobi School Supplies
  • Slap Bracelet Rulers
  • Magnetic Locker Chandelier
  • Shag Locker Rug
  • Texas Instruments 30XIIS Scientific Calculators
  • Cherokee Varsity Jacket
  • Cherokee Moto Jacket

Ways to Save:

Saving money is always on trend!

  • Cartwheel: Target will offer back-to-school Cartwheel collections that feature deals on top products. Throughout the season, families can use the digital savings application to choose from hundreds of offers, share them with friends on Facebook, and earn the opportunity to access more deals.
  • REDcard Rewards: REDcard holders will receive five percent off nearly all purchases at Target stores and, free shipping every day at and 30 extra days for returns. Through Target’s Take Charge of Education program, guests who shop with a REDCard can designate a K-12 school of their choice for Target to donate one percent of their purchases to the school. Since the program’s inception in 1997, Target has donated more than $387 million to approximately 117,000 schools nationwide.
  • Price Match Policy: Families can ensure they are getting the best deals with one simple, easy-to-use Price Match Policy that includes matching prices from top online retailers year-round, including,, and (including

If you’re shopping before August 2nd, you should also be aware that for every select up&up school supply purchased at Target stores through August 2, Target will donate one school supply item to a student in need. Through these purchases, Target’s goal is to donate up to $25 million in supplies and potentially impact nearly two million kids as they head back to school so be sure to look for the up&up brand!

WIN IT! I’m thrilled to offer (2) $200 Target Gift Cards to two Glamamom readers to get your back-to-school shopping on!

TO ENTER: Please fill out the Rafflecopter entry form below:

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We’ll be making another trip to Target in the next couple of weeks to shop for some new duds so stay tuned for deets on what Sebastian picks up and ANOTHER gift card giveaway!

{This is a sponsored post.}
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  1. nicole says

    I adored back to school shopping- for supplies it was with mom. Nothing better than the smell of NEW pencils in the Fall! For uniforms it was with grandma, and always out to lunch with her friends after- lovely memories

  2. Elle says

    I always loved get the school supplies list in the mail every year because it would reveal what teacher(s) I had for the upcoming school year with it. I’d then go shopping with my mom and have a blast picking out fun folders and notebooks and pencils and a new backpack, of course. I loved it.

  3. Julie Wood says

    My favorite back to school memory is when I was 10 and my Dad and Mom did not have much money to buy me school clothes when my Godfather and Godmother showed up and took me to the store shopping for school clothes. I got to pick what I wanted. And guess what they let me have a new Barbie doll! I was over the moon, and never forgot their generosity!!

  4. says

    I too remember the shopping – especially the shoes! Standouts were my cabbage patch kid sneakers with removable velcro images and of course my white rebook high tops. :)

  5. Michelle J. says

    It embarrassed me at the time, but I think it’s funny now. On the first day of school, a girl who looks like me wore the same shirt. We were careful not to wear them on the same day again.

  6. Andrea Darst says

    I loved picking out my outfit for the first day of school each year…I’d get so excited, I couldn’t sleep the night before!

  7. says

    Shopping for my backpack was literally my favorite thing to do each year! I still remember the Gap plaid number I had in 6th grade. Ahhhhhh memories!

  8. Rebecca says

    Since my birthday is in August, I always got to pick out a back-to-school dress with my grandma. It was a shopping trip that I looked forward to every year.

  9. says

    Well it’s not really a distant memory but my little one just started Pre-K last week. An as predicted I cried and had to leave the room as my husband got her checked in.

    At the end of the day she gave me her final thoughts about her very first day of school: “I liked wearing my backpack. It makes me feel like a sea turtle.”

    SO yeah, that about sums it up.

  10. says

    I remember getting my favorite character backpack and lunch box. Buying new shoes was kind of an adventure because they never had my size! Shopping all day back to school items with my mom and dad was amazing! Remember those days like it was yesterday.

  11. says

    I remember laying everything out on my bed and trying to organize it all as well as my emotions. It really was prep for an entire school year when I looked at all my supplies.

  12. Tamra H says

    I always used to enjoy going back to school shopping with my mom. I got to pick out all kinds of goodies! :)

  13. Natalie says

    I loved picking out notebooks with my favorite characters and colors on them. I remember getting excited buying brightly colored pencils.

  14. Kristina Carabal says

    My fav back to school memory was eight years ago when it was my first day of teaching. It was the greatest day and I was beyond excited and nervous to be starting my dream job. Every year I get butterflies with how amazing the year will be.

  15. Kelly D says

    My favorite back to school memory is when I lined up outside on the first day of school with my new class.

  16. Janet W. says

    My favorite back to school memory was when I would get new clothes with my sister. We are very close in age so we got to share clothing. We loved shopping together.

  17. Jennifer says

    Back to school shopping was always so exciting! My mom would say I spent hours trying to select the perfect color folder, pens, pencils, and accessories. Love that Target is giving back in this way!

  18. says

    My favorite back to school memories are always about shopping with my mom. For clothes and supplies. I just realized that last year I did both without the kids, for expediency. Not this year!!

  19. Chelsea M says

    I used to always love going up to the school like a week or two before it started and see the who my teacher was and who was is my class.

  20. kjasus says

    i loved the first day of school.. wearing my new shoes, outfit, and backpack. feeling so excited about the new year. yeah, i was a nerd like that. 😉

  21. Lori K. says

    My favorite back to school memory was when my mom bought me a new She-Ra backpack! I felt so cool on the first day! I couldn’t wait to show it off!

  22. Cassandra Eastman says

    My favorite memory was going school shopping with my mom and sisters, I loved picking up a new pack of glitter gel pens each year :)

  23. Gina M (Wild Orchid) says

    My favorite back to school memory is going shopping for new clothes and supplies with my mom around August every year.

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  24. shaunie says

    would have to say in first grade , I couldnt wait to meet my new teacher. So excited that I wanted to give her an apple (thought that is what teachers liked) and she loved it… made my day

  25. Lisa says

    I remember how much fun it was to pick out my backpack and to get the fun patterns & movie themes when I was young

  26. Molly says

    I always love back to school shopping……’s the time I can get the funkiest pens…..just for ME! LOL

  27. Tammy S says

    I loved all the back to school shopping to find the perfect pair of jeans and just the right shirt to wear the first day of school.

  28. Tabathia B says

    Going to Roses with my mom and getting school supplies, Roses has been closed now for almost 20 years but that used to be our back to school destination

  29. steve weber says

    I loved going school clothing shopping and then wearing all my new clothes the first week of school.

  30. Erika C. says

    My favorite back-to-school memory was having the opportunity to be on the school’s safety patrol team.

  31. amy pugmire says

    i remember my first day of kindergarten I was so frightened I was screaming and crying the whole way to class.

  32. Angi Welsh says

    My favorite back to school memories are of going school supply shopping and also shopping for new shoes. I always wanted to wear them home from the store!

  33. Katie says

    My favorite back to school memory is not just carefully selecting each new item in the store… but the unpacking and organizing of it all!

  34. Kerri says

    I remember going with my great aunt each year to buy new school shoes. I missed those days dearly when she was gone.

  35. Jennifer Marie says

    I always loved packing my backpack the night before school started. I loved having a new beginning and thinking of what was to come.

  36. Linnea says

    My favorite back to school memory is being able to go to the Mall of America by myself with money to do my own school clothes shopping with a friend!

  37. Sonya Morris says

    My dad was stationed at Camp Lejune and I begged my mom to let me go to school a year earlier than she wanted me to because I wanted the green school bus. I loved that bus!

  38. Natalie S says

    My oldest starts Kindergarten this year so we are about to start making some back to school memories! :)

  39. Ellie W says

    My first year of high school was special. We didn’t have a lot of money, but that year I had new shoes and a new purse. I still remember how exciting It was the first day.

  40. saminder gumer says

    my favorite back to school memory was going to middle school. i got to pick out my own clothes when we went shopping and it was amazing. i looked great on the first day.

  41. shelly peterson says

    My favorite back to school memories are when my grandma would take me shopping for school. It was time I got spend alone with her.

  42. e michelle says

    my favorite was going school shopping with my parents who were separated at the time! we went to sears and must have tried on everything the store had. My dad still likes to pick out clothes for us! But we left with bags and bags of clothes and shoes!

  43. Laura J says

    Oh my favorite memory was going back to school shopping and getting my first pair of levis! I was so excited and wore them so proud the first day of school! :)

  44. Margot C says

    I remember going to third grade with a red jumper that my mother had embroidered a pencil on the front of; I was so proud of that dress!

  45. Rebecca Parsons says

    My favorite back to school memory was when my best friend came back to the school after being gone for a year at another school.

  46. Tammy OHagan says

    the year my mom sewed me a new red coat from scratch! kids made fun of me and called me little red riding hood, but I LOVED that coat

  47. Mary Beth Elderton says

    I loved back-to-school time when I was a kid. There is something so promising about fresh paper, new pencils, sharp crayons, blank notebooks to fill. In my day we started school after Labor Day, so we also had the promise of cooler weather.

  48. Deirdre says

    I remember taking the bus with my big sister for the first time on my first day of Kindergarten. My mom made us pose for a picture and then she walked us to the big, yellow vehicle. Once inside, I cried my eyes out, but my sister was there to comfort me.

  49. Kristen Barnt says

    My favorite back to school memory was the clothes! My sister and I would go clothes shopping with our Mom and then pick that one perfect outfit for the first day of school. It would hang in the closet for weeks just waiting to be worn and making us so excited for that first day.

  50. ellen casper says

    We wore uniforms but I remember shoe shopping for those white and black saddle shoes every year.

  51. D Schmidt says

    My favorite back to school memory was being about eight and going back to see all my friends and sharing what happened over the summer holidays!

  52. Jennifer says

    i remember the year when we didnt buy anything new and i thought it was so cool that everything was recycled and reused! i was crunchy as a kid too!

  53. Christina Gomez says

    I LOVED going back to school shopping with my mom and sister when I was little. My sister and I would come home with our bags of “stuff” and get everything organized in our pencil boxes, etc. :)

  54. Leslie says

    Being the youngest of four girls I got to shop my big sisters closets every year. Since they were older their hand me downs were still cool!

  55. Jennifer K C says

    Back to school clothes shopping has always been a favorite of mine. I remember one year when Lamonts was still around my mom also bought me a baby spice barbie doll… will never forget it lol

  56. Lori L says

    I always LOVED and looked forward to getting one really cool pair of jeans at the beginning of the school year. It always seemed it was always too warm to wear them until about mid-September:)

  57. Lisa E says

    I always liked going to get a new pair of shoes and a backpack (we wore uniforms so we didn’t much many street clothes.

  58. Rebecca says

    I loved getting a new lunch box and brand new school supplies as a kid. I enjoying watching my kids get so excited over those things now.

  59. says

    I always LOVED back to school supply shopping, I often didn’t want to wait until the first day of school to get my list. Honestly, I’m a little jealous that children now get their list before school starts.

  60. Trisha Burgess says

    My favorite is the first day of school outfit! Me and my sister always had matching outfits in different colors! And always a picture of it!

  61. Nicole Dz says

    My favorite back to school moment is getting to walk my kids to the bus stop and see the rest of the school kids and moms, also getting to meet there bus driver.

  62. Mary Jenkins says

    Every year, I’d get to pick out folders with my favorite pop stars. Think: New Kids On the Block. And all those wonderful Lisa Frank products! I still love those!

  63. says

    Well, as far as I can remember my mom used to do all the shopping on her own. And if I am correct she already had most of the stuff (she is quite frugal and would buy extras -scissors, crayons, notebooks, etc.- when they were on sale).

    My favorite back-to-school memory, which I now share with my oldest son, is getting all his new clothes and materials for his very first year in school. We haven’t gone shopping this year just yet but I am definitely looking forward to it :)

  64. jennifer says

    I liked going back to be with all my friends and also was a big nerd who enjoyed school so was exciting to learn new things!

  65. Natalie F says

    I always loved getting a few new outfits. But my favorite memory is when we were on our way home and my sister had been mean to me all day, my brother got car sick and threw up out the window. My sister’s window was down, it came back in the car and nailed her in the face. I know that is really mean, but it is my FAVORITE memory. LOL.

  66. Terry Maigi says

    I remember one year I talked my mom into letting me get a sweet New Kids On the Block sweat suit hahaha. I was so proud

  67. Vickie Mason says

    My fondest memory was shopping for clothes for junior high. Dresses, shoes, skirts!! It was wonderful!!

  68. says

    Every year the most important thing for me was the first day of school outfit. One year I made the skirt I wore and it was my proudest talking point for when every teacher would ask the obvious questions about how the summer vacation was spent.

  69. Maria Beas De Bonilla says

    To be honest I have no favorite back to school memories. In fact I do enjoy going shopping for school supplies and clothes. My daughter loves the backpacks and lunchbox from Target. They are just beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win.

  70. Terra Heck says

    My favorite was when I was in 4th grade and my dad took me shopping for clothes and supplies. It was the one and only time he took me shopping one-on-one so it was very memorable. Thanks.

  71. Cheryl Rogers says

    I realized one year in elementary school that I would be getting to see my best friend everyday for a whole school year, I remember wanting to celebrate because of that, it was one of my best years.

  72. Kenya F says

    As a child back to school shopping was one of my favorite things to do. I used to loooove shopping for backpacks, notebooks, and pens. I still do! :)

  73. Danielle Meek says

    Of course being a girl I always loved clothes shopping. I remember visiting my grandparents in Florida one year before school stared and we went to Target for the first time (we didn’t have one in our area yet) and I thought it was so fancy LOL (probably because my grandma kept pronouncing it all fancy like).

  74. anna pry says

    i always enjoyed getting new clothes for going back to school, it was really the only time we got to go shopping

  75. says

    My Mom and I had planned on going to Back to School shopping for clothes, but couldn’t, instead of clothes that year, I got a little brother. He was born on Labor Day.

  76. Olivia Hamilton says

    Getting new stuff! I was also happy to not have to be home all of the time. School was my escape.

  77. Kay says

    My favorite was the first day of senior year in high school. I had gone to the same Catholic school for 12 years. We were now at the TOP of the heap with so many good things to come, not the least of which would be getting out of there! It was a really good day.

  78. Tammy Schweitzer says

    I live din a small town so hard too find school shoes too wear. One piece of gray hush puppies we bought I hate them only pair of shoes I had for school thou

  79. Erika W. says

    My favorite back to school memory was going to a local community college for the police academy. It was awesome to be back in school and really feel like I was there with a purpose. I enjoyed everything about it- all the supplies, uniforms, studying, etc.

  80. Lauren Becker says

    I really loved getting new school supplies. I wasn’t always excited about school but shopping for all the things I needed was nice.

  81. Lesley M says

    I loved going back to school shopping and getting all the newest gadgets. I loved school, so back to school shopping made me super excited!

  82. John Hutchens says

    I always enjoyed back to school shopping with my parents and siblings. after we were done we go to go out and eat

  83. Sents Saver says

    my favorite back to school moment would definitely have to be my first day of middle school! finding out I had all my friends in most of my classes and had more freedom compared to elementary school definitely made me excited! it’s a feeling I’ll never forget!

  84. Jennifer (robbins) A. says

    I loved buying school supplies as a kid, during back-to-school season. I especially loved a fresh, new, box of crayons. : )

  85. Erin G says

    My favorite back to school memories are the clothes shopping that I got to do when I was in high school! I would get to go to the mall alone with my girlfriends and I would put whatever I wanted on hold and then when i was finished I would call my mom and she would come meet me and pay for it all. Can you say SUPER SPOILED?! If only it still worked this way hahaha!!!

  86. Dawn Monroe says

    One memory I have is going into the sixth grade( in the mid 80’s) and my mom finally let me pick my own haircut. My hair was so feathered it looked like a butt in the back! Loved it. I of course kept a large comb in my back pocket for emergencies. :)

  87. Melissa L. says

    As a girl, my favorite back to school memories was buying new clothes every year. I loved getting to pick out new ones, and find a new look.

  88. Susan Christy says

    I always loved going back to school when I was a girl. Got to see all of my friends that I hadn’t seen over the summer, plus I got a new pair of shoes!

  89. Kathy Davis says

    My favorite back to school memory was how excited I was to start Kindergarten. My birthday fell on the wrong date so I had to wait a whole year before going.(I missed the cut off date by 2 days) So when the time came I was beside myself with excitement. I loved school and later became a teacher. I am retired now, but every year, either as a student or a teacher was memorable to me.

  90. amanda whitley says

    i remember in sixth grade i had to miss the first day of school because of mono. i was super bummed to be going into a new school and didnt get to start on time.

  91. carol clark says

    when i was 16 i had my first job at a snoe cone stand here in texas and i made so much money and people would tip i was like well ok i wont turn down the tip for nothing well i did at first so it got overwhelming and i made like 300 in tips at the time it was like wooo and i put all my money in almost 1500 and i just went and bought everything my mom couldnt afford it was so fun

  92. Jillian T says

    I loved being able to pick out my favorite themed notebook and matching folder. I really liked the Lisa Frank ones.

  93. Harmskills says

    That looks a lot like that new super target in Huntington such a great store! Excited to back to school ahop

  94. Janice Cooper says

    My favorite memory is when my grandmother would pick me up and take me school shopping. Just the two of us.

  95. Amy Wedel says

    Yes, school suppy shopping is fun! As a child i always enjoyed getting new things to organize! But for my mom it was stressful with 4 kids! now, for me, as a homeschool mom of 5, i still love school shopping and teaching my kids how to organize their new found learning treasures! And Target it the BEST place to get cute stuff!

  96. Dana Cerrito says

    I think it was 4th grade. I got a Michael Jackson glove and jacket to wear on the first day. It was a hit and I was awesome after that!

  97. Kristen says

    I remember how much I liked having fresh new empty notebooks and brand new pens at the start of the new year.

  98. Melissa Teears says

    I remember picking out the favorite back to school outfit and all the new school supplies in a new back pack. Everything about the 1st day of school was always fresh and new.

  99. Jaclyn Reynolds says

    I always loved the smell of new school supplies- new box of crayons, glue, notebooks and backpack. Also picking out a cool lunch box!

  100. Birdie Skolfield says

    my mom leaving sweet notes of encouragement in my lunchbox is my sweetest back to school memory

  101. Amy Orvin says

    I always loved and remember picking out my own back to school backpack, clothes and accessories. My mom was very generous and usually would buy me anything I wanted.

  102. April G says

    I always enjoyed going out with my mom & sister to buy new clothes, along with our backpack & lunchbox. Every year, we would have a new back to school outfit, to help us get excited to actually be going back to school!

  103. says

    When we were kids we would do major clothes shopping at back to school time. It’s like they saved it all until then. After we went and tried on everything with our moms we would go to my grandparents and have to try it all on for my grandmother, too. It was like a little tradition.

  104. Celeste says

    School supply shopping was always the highlight for me! Getting the list in the mail was like Christmas! ha! I’m a teacher myself now, and I’m still just as excited about it every year.

  105. Taryn T. says

    Back to school shopping was always hard for my mom, a single mom. One year, my great Aunt took me shopping, and pretty much let me buy what I wanted— that was a huge treat! I got matching purses and everything! Afterwards, I did a “fashion show” for my family!

  106. Brandy Hebden says

    My favorite back to school memory is was always the back to school shopping for clothes and supplies…I LOVE supplies!! :)

  107. Tina Schrader says

    My favorite memory was shopping for school clothes with my mom. It was the one time a year we got to pick new clothes.

  108. Kaitlin says

    My favorite back to school memory was definitely going back to school shopping for clothes and school supplies!

  109. says

    Not my favorite memory, but probably my most vivid. I was in Kindergarten and I spilled something on my dress at lunch. I was so prissy that the thought of going back to the classroom with something on my dress terrified me. I immediately went and sobbed to my teacher to let me call my mom so that she could bring me another dress. She did.

  110. Diana C says

    I remember one back to school shopping trip where I got to buy my first purse. I picked one that went with all my back to school outfits. I was in heaven. I love handbags!

    Diana C

  111. Leslie angerer says

    My favorite memory is shopping for new school supplies every year. I love new crayons and fresh, crisp paper to start the school year. :)

  112. Rebecca Hill says

    My favorite memory was switching to a new school when I was in 10th grade and my Dad, in full military uniform (including dark shades), walked me in and the HOTTEST guys in school stood up at attention and saluted for my dad right before whistling at me.

  113. says

    I don’t have one individual memory, but I always just loved the back to school clothes shopping! I know I don’t stop by often, but I just want to say that I think you’ve done an awesome job with Glamamom, Jill! :)

  114. Liberty T. says

    My favorite back to school memory is when my mom decided to start writing notes of encouragement in my lunch box and it made my year. I will always thankful for her creative ways to let me know I was and am loved.

  115. Madonna Cramer says

    My favorite memories were going to the Mall and shopping, I loved going in each shop and trying to find outfits that matched the ones that I had circled in Seventeen or Teen magazine as back to school fashions. Then I would carefully layout my outfits and try and choose what I would wear the first day of school.

  116. Erin says

    My favorite memory of back to school is getting to pick out any breakfast cereal we wanted. Those Lucky Charms were amazing! Nice change for this Cheerios and Shredded Wheat kid!


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