Beach Plum Farm Cape May

One of the most memorable activities during our Cape May getaway was hopping into a hard-top jeep and cruising over to Cape Resorts Group’s Beach Plum Farm to experience how their local, organic crops are cared for.

From strawberries and tomatoes to rosemary and parsley, Beach Plum Farm supplies nearly 50% of Cape Resorts Group’s hotels its seasonal produce and is expanding to include chickens and pigs.

It was a timely visit for me as I recently attended an informative Stonyfield event hosted by Robyn O’Brien, the so-called “Erin Brockovich of the food industry” and author of The Unhealthy Truth, which I’ve been studying, jaw to the floor.

The pesticides, artificial growth hormones, antibiotics, and artificial dyes in our food supply is such a serious issue, I’ve been devouring everything I can on the subject to educate myself on buying clean, local, organic food, especially milk (O’Brien recommends if you can only make one small change to buy organic milk for your children).

A chicken coup fit for a Glamamom:

After perusing the grounds and munching on fresh-picked asparagus, we landed upon our breezy, open-air dining room where we were treated to a scrumptious feast prepared onsite by Lucas Manteca, executive chef of The Ebbitt Room.

Sipping mint julep cocktails and flavored lemonade from of old-fashioned Ball jars, we savored grilled wahoo complimented by the farm’s fresh veggies.

Coincidentally, the day before I left for Cape May I was with one of my besties, whose chef huz was visiting Manteca at Congress Hall that very day!  Manteca also happens to be Argentine.  Small world tisn’t it?

The visit to Beach Plum Farm was yet another chance to enjoy the old-world charm of Cape May and get to know Cape Resorts Group and my fellow bloggers better. Kudos to Cape Resorts for maintaining this enchanting oasis and making farm to table food a priority for its guests.

As a reminder, Cape Resorts Group is generously offering a $100 resort credit if you book a reservation for 2011 by the end of the month.  Reservations must be made online using the promo code MOMBLOG.  Your $100 credit will be applied during checkout.

For more information, follow Congress Hall on Facebook or Twitter.

{This trip was sponsored by Cape Resorts Group and The Motherhood.  Travel, meals, and accommodations were complimentary for the purpose of this review.  All opinions expressed herein are my own.  This post contains an Amazon Affiliate link.  For more photos, visit Glamamom on Facebook.}

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  1. says

    Beach Plum Farm looks so enchanting. We’re really going to try and make it out there before the summer ends.

    My mom actually turned me on to organic milk last year. I can’t believe how long we were drinking the other stuff – yuck! Not to mention, organic milk lasts so much longer, which is so important when you have toddlers and have to keep the house stocked with it.

  2. says

    I’m loving the pictures of Beach Plum Farm. It’s crazy because sometimes I don’t even think of all the pesticides that are in our food. And while Aiden drinks low fat milk, after reading this, I’m totally gonna switch him to organic. Scary stuff, man.

  3. says

    sounds like a beautiful place. on another note, you’re so right about the food industry. we have been doing organic and/or natural as much as possible. what really goes on with our food is disturbing.

  4. says

    I want that chicken coop for my backyard! My girls would LOVE it!

    We are big organic eaters. The girls always had organic baby food and milk, and now we’re all on organic milk.

  5. says

    Your pictures are so lovely :) Love the chicken coop!

    What we eat is so important, and I think it’s necessary we stay informed and read labels. I don’t believe that everything SHOULD be organic, but when you look at the size of the average tomato over the years, it should serve as a reminder that many of the foods we ingest are treated with more pesticides than ever before.

    Great post and I totally want to go to this farm!

  6. Lanae (@Hungrigyrl) says

    What an amazing place! Ok, that chicken coop is just too darn cute!! I am a big fan of organic produce. And, just looking at the tablesetting I am getting hungry!!!

  7. says

    It’s so funny – prior to Nate I used to roll my eyes at people who insisted on buying organic. Now I know better and am especially a freak when it comes to certain produce (like those on the EWG’s dirty dozen). I’ve heard Cape May is just adorable. These pictures prove it. How cute! Sounds like a lovely little excursion.

  8. says

    Oh those gardens!!!! I’m dying. What a fantastic place. I could live there…without a doubt. I would kill for an herb garden like that.

    So great to see you in person finally. I can’t wait to see ya again.

  9. Sarah at The Stroller Ballet says

    Your pictures are amazing. And after reading your re-caps I seriously want to go!!

    • says

      Also, my husband and I ate at the Ebbitt room on a weekend trip before we were married. My favorite place to dine in Cape May.

      Hope you are doing well!

  10. says

    Looks like an awesome place. The chicken coup is absolutely adorable. We have been trying to eat more organic as it kinda freaks me out about all the pesticides and chemicals that can still be on the food.

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