Big Girls Don’t Cry

Last night, in the good company of some aunts and cousins, I finally saw Jersey Boys, on Broadway.  I’d been wanting to see it for so long and am thrilled that it lived up to all the hype it’s garnered.  The show is absolutely fantastic!

The music made me tap, clap, and cry.  Yes, cry.  I was literally weeping throughout the mostly feel-good musical, which has become pretty standard for me lately.  It really got me thinking- since I gave birth, I’m a total cry baby.

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There are a whole host of situations that shouldn’t really merit such an intense flood of emotion but sure enough my eyes well up and floweth over.  Here are the biggest instigators:

– Singing of the national anthem.  Sure I’m patriotic but come on! Combine it with this next one and I might as well be at a funeral…

– Adulation, applause, and standing ovations.  I can’t explain it fully except that I feel moved by the energy of the crowd and maybe for one small second I can imagine what it’s like to be in the shoes of the person(s) being honored.

– Open mic at Big Bub’s Songs for Seeds music class.  Lil’ tykes singing The Alphabet Song or The Lion Sleeps Tonight? GULP!

– Birth stories.  Other people’s too!  But the most damage occurs when I’m looking at pictures from Big Bub’s and thinking back to that special day when he introduced himself to the world.

– Public speaking and nerves.  Occasionally, (mostly in work-related situations but not always) if I’m speaking to a group, I’ll get flushed and nervous and feel my eyes start to water for no conscious reason.

– Arguments with Glamadad.  Crying is only one of the physical reactions.  Others include, spitting fire and blowing steam out of my ears.

Might my hormones be out of balance?  Will the imbalance last forever (or until menopause once again rocks the boat that is my endocrine system)?

Sorry Frankie but big girls do cry!  Especially this one.

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  1. Anne M says

    I know exactly what you mean. I cry whenever I see people running a race. I usually just stand there clapping because if I open my mouth to voice support…I lose it!

  2. Push Love says

    Yeah, I call it the silent tear syndrome. Weird huh? I pride myself on being tough and then suddenly I'm crying while watching anything from Teen Mom to Hoarders?? I got all blubbery at a performance of Hairspray cause I looked over at my daughter smiling and enjoying herself. There's never a warning before you feel a ping pong ball lump coming into your throat and then the tears. Feels funny, but it reminds me I'M ALIVE!!!!

  3. Amber @ The Momma Stuff Blog says

    I don't find myself bawling, but I tear up way easier than I did pre-baby. Fun post Jill, thanks for sharing!
    amber :)

  4. m says

    Puppy Chow commercials make me tear up. Actually, it's more like anything to do with baby animals, baby humans, general acts of compassion etc. And animal shelter ads – forget it, I actually have to change the channel. I never smoosh bugs anymore, but rather set them outside my window because I think they can't help being bugs and maybe they have feelings too. Total mush. I hear ya. Love this post.

  5. Patty (nycgirl0501) says

    I cry at the anthem too! (no babies here yet!) and I cry on the train if I am reading an emotional book.

    Most odd thing: cried at the end of EVERY Harry Potter movie! Yeah its weird! LOL

  6. Mashuga Mom says

    So glad it's not JUST ME. I'm the same and it must be something about having your hormones thrown into "hormone hell" for 10 months plus during pregnancy and after.
    I cry at Hallmark comercials, get teary at Lifetime movies and begin to actually tear when my 4yrold says something sweet and loving.
    Thanks for reminding me I'm human and there are others like me.

  7. Michele says

    I was not a cryer at all until I had babies. Since then, I've teared up over commercials, even a radio commercial. I never knew mushiness was a side-effect of having children :)

  8. DK says

    It is totally not just you. I don't even have kids and I cry because of the most innocuous things. Any time I am upset in the least I cry. It's very hard to have a conversation with someone regarding something I feel passionate about because my eyes always well up no matter what I do.

  9. Jennifer says

    Glad you had a good time! I cry over EVERYTHING lol. Especially weight loss shows, like Losing it with Jillian, I cry like a baby at the end lol.

  10. Jill says

    I would add to the list, weddings (even though I know what happens after. JK Glamadad!) and watching The Biggest Loser.

    I originally had anything related to animals but I took it off because I am a hypocrite- I eat meat and wear leather and fur (GASP AHHHHHHHHHHHHH). I know, I know! I've tried going vegetarian but I haven't yet been able to stick to it. So I turn a blind eye :(

  11. Heather says

    Its hormones from having a baby. I couldn't stop crying at the most horrible images in my head after giving birth of something terrible happening to my baby. I cried even though nothing had happened. Thankfully 16 months later I am much better, but something happens to you as a mother that never returns to its normal self emotionally.

    Following you from Bloggy Moms!

  12. Cindy (Prime Beauty) says

    Hey Jill, visiting back from 31DBBB

    Ah yes, I remember it well. I cried when people were nice to me, I cried when I thought I was being critized. I cried when I dropped something. This too will pass.

  13. Ma What's 4 dinner says

    Oh, I hear ya. Since becoming a mom I cry at almost anything. Those Back to school Staples ads are getting me daily right now. The worst thing, I can't see scary movies anymore. Now I just project and think that could be me or my kids and I'm a complete and total mess. Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner


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