Britax Baby Carrier Review

From April showers to May flowers, Mama Nature is finally bestowing NYC with the glorious weather it so richly deserves.  To pay homage, I’ve started scaling back work so that I can spend at least 2 full days during the week with Sebastian and take advantage of it.  He’s at the perfect age (just shy of 2) to be the Lewis to my Clark.

While Leo is the best person to explore restaurants, nightlife, and travel with, he’s not much into some of my interests like sightseeing, museums, opera, and shopping, which is okay because I don’t believe any one person should be your everything. I share those other experiences with friends and family, and now my Prince Sebastian.  I mean, isn’t that the point of having a son?  To sculpt him in the man of your dreams?

We’ve been keeping busy and other than traveling all the way out to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum on a rainy day only to realize it was Monday and closed, it’s been all smiles.

There have been trips to the Central Park Zoo & Children’s Petting Zoo:

Central Park Children's Zoo

A long subway ride out to Coney Island to the New York Aquarium:

Visits to requisite museums like the American Museum of Natural History and The Met for the Alexander McQueen, Savage Beauty Exhibit (no photos allowed inside the exhibit hall, sorry!):

Opening day at Sesame Place to meet our favorite friends and celebrate the addition of Murray, the park’s newest character.

Sebastian was his own character, the “Hugging Monster:”

New Murray Character at Sesame Place, PA

Toes in the sand, smack dab in the middle of Manhattan at Heckscher Playground, Central Park:

And my personal favorites, the Children’s Museums in Manhattan (for the Wizard of Oz installation) and Brooklyn, where Sebastian is free to run wild and paw whatever he desires:

Believe it or not, I still carry the 30+ lb Bubba-Beast almost everywhere we go.  The benefits of baby-wearing are well-documented and I’ve been doing so since he was born.  Now that he’s more independent and resists sitting in the stroller, it’s easier for me to be hands free while hopping on and off of the buses and subways anyway so I just carry him all over town and let him run wild when we get to our destination.

We’ve tried several different baby carriers but since Sebastian was pushing 20 lbs by 5 months, I had to retire a couple of them early on.

BRITAX is launching its new baby carrier this summer and we’re fortunate enough to be among the first to test it out.

I’m happy to report the BRITAX Baby Carrier, for babies 8-32 lbs, has a padded waste belt and shoulder straps, and is definitely made for the long haul!

Unlike the one we were using, the BRITAX Baby Carrier allows me to carry Sebastian in front facing either inward or outward so he can check out what’s going on around him. Less fidgeting equals less strain on my back and shoulders.  It’s also effortless to make adjustments to the carrier while he’s in it.

The only draw-back for me, is that it’s designed to slip over the head to put it on, which I don’t love since it jeopardizes my perfectly coiffed hair.  Other than that, I’m sold.

The BRITAX Baby Carrier line comes in two gender-neutral fashions (black and navy, $129.99), and the Baby Carrier Organic is available in tan ($139.99). The carrier includes a removable infant insert that positions smaller babies naturally, as well as a plush (100% cotton), machine washable bib.  Additional accessories, sold separately, include a Seat Extender Insert (Black & Navy $24.99; Organic Tan $26.99) enhancing longer-wearing comfort through balanced weight distribution when used facing inward, as well as a set of Baby Carrier Bibs $19.99) for maximum coverage and protection of the carrier. For more information about BRITAX, visit, or find BRITAX on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

WIN IT: BRITAX is giving one adventurous Glamamom reader the new BRITAX Baby Carrier to help keep you and your little one close and comfortable while on the go.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below with your favorite children’s destination or activity.

For an extra entry, follow BRITAX and Glamamom on Facebook and leave a comment below that you do.

Two entries total.  Please leave a separate comment for each.

I’ll randomly select a winner on Wednesday, June 22nd.  This giveaway is for readers in the US and Canada only.

UPDATE: The winner is Rose.  Congratulations!

{I was selected for the BRITAX Baby Carrier review by Buzzing Bloggers.  I was not compensated for my review or post.  I received a complimentary carrier for review purposes.  I am also the lucky, randomly selected winner of a BRITAX product of my choice (“door prize”) from the launch event. All opinions and recommendations expressed herein are my own.}

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  1. says

    My son loves the Children’s Museum! I love that I can let him run around and get exhausted all while it being educational. I consider it a win/win!

  2. says

    OK..what a CUTIE your lil guy is! Looks like you had lots of fun!
    Unfortunately we are passed the weight limit on this one..we have a hefty lil one on our hands….but I wish I had heard of it sooner….it looks so much sturdier than the ones i have seen before.
    Your hair is still perfect…NO worries.

  3. Katie says

    Hi Jill! We love reading about all your adventures in the city with Sebastion! Too cute…and so much fun! You give us great ideas on fun places to go with Truman! Our latest favorite place to explore is Forest Park in Forest Hills. It’s such a great park! They have miles and miles of bridle paths, a pond, a picnic area, a carousel (that will hopefully repoening this summer), baseball fields, a golf course….and our favorite the Sobelsohn Playground! Truman loves the swings and the Giant Frog Water Foutains! It’s only a matter of time till he is running through them all by himself on a hot summer day! 😀

  4. J Lutes says

    I love to just get outside with my son. Everyday he discovers something new, a bug, a rock or even the taste of mud. It’s such a joy to witness his excitement with nature.

  5. Emily says

    Our favorite destination is the park in our neighborhood. My son is only 7 months old, so we haven’t gone to too many children’s destinations. We have lots of plans for the summer though.

  6. says

    Those phots are amazing, and also your son has gone more places in his not-quite-two-years than my seven-year-old!

    So many great places for kids in Manhattan, but one of the places we miss the most is our old neighborhood playground, Hippo Park. Water, shady, art in the summers, so perfect…

  7. says

    Omg, love all these pics!!!! What a fun spring its been for you both.

    I really like that the Britax carrier can hold up to 32 lbs. It’s so difficult to find one that still fits a toddler, yet, the reality is that toddlers still like to be carried. And a stroller isnt always practical.

  8. says

    What an amazing spring! You’ve done so much fun stuff! Nate has the same red vest – love it :) I love babywearing. I stopped too early because the crappy bjorn couldn’t stand up to my chunkster and it was killing my shoulders. Nate’s only 26 lbs, so this Britax could hold him for some time to come – awesome. Nate loves our local gardening nursery – birds, flowers, fish, fountains, etc. A perfect place to wear him!

  9. D Schmidt says

    My son’s favorite destination is the Sacramento Railway Museum because he is train obsessed 😉 They actually have some really nice Thomas the Train tables in a kids play area there but he most enjoys looking at the big steam engines.

  10. Anita says

    we love going to six flags during the summer and I always have a hard time carrying my youngest. this would help so much!

  11. Jan says

    I have an upcoming trip to Disney this summer and this could be a lifesaver! I love all my other Britax stuff and am sure this would be amazing too!

  12. Cade says

    I love taking the kiddos to mlb baseball games. this would be a big help for keeping my little one close to me during the game!

  13. Dorina says

    My four year old loves going to the zoo and amusement parks, however it is very hard to keep up with her when I am pushing around a 3 month old in a stroller. This would help me in getting rid of the stroller and holding on to my daughter’s hand. Would love to have this carrier!!!

  14. Jessica says

    My favorite destination is a local WWII Memorial Park that has animals to feed, picnic tables for lunch and two play areas…one for big kid and one for the little guys. Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. Malaina says

    My kids love to go travel and visit their grandmother and swim in her pool. nothing fancy but nice to do since we had to move away!

  16. Dana West says

    We adore going to this gigantic (little known about) park down the street. There are trials, ets. We spend hours their! Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. says

    Sebastian makes me smile… ALL. THE. TIME.

    I love him and his cuteness! Looks like he had a great spring. Fun times at Sesame Place, huh? We love the Children’s Museum over here and the Central Park Zoo… such fun!

  18. Anna Duran says

    I’m looking forward to trying the Britax carrier. We carry our 2+ year old hiking everywhere – even up mountains in Colorado! Our littlest is 3 weeks old, and we need a good new carrier for him as well. Maybe this will be it!!

    Anna Duran

  19. Melissa says

    We love the local zoo and dinosaur museum although I’m waiting until my little guy is old enough for the childrens museum!

  20. won says

    Our favorite activity is the beach/water park. Love taking the children I care for there during the summer.

  21. Brian says

    I love to take the kids walking at the mall and I think this would be great for me to carry my youngest with.

  22. Wally says

    We love taking a trip to the boardwalk here. There are lots of fun and games and the kids love it. A carrier like this would be real nice

  23. tina says

    I loke to go to the park with the pids. We love to go down the walking trails and this would be great for my youngest! thanks

  24. tina says

    I like and follow Britax on facebook and on titter. I have been following for a long time. Going to follow you too right now

  25. Mike says

    We love to take trips to the amusement park and and to sea world. This would be great for those trips and carrying the little one around!

  26. Steve says

    We love going to the water park and playing on the splash pad. It is a pretty good walk from the parking lot to the water so this would help out a lot

  27. Teresa says

    Our favorite destination every summer is a local zoo called Paws N Claws. It’s a great choice for anyone; it’s set in the woods and has quite a few animals but it’s not so big that it gets tiring. It’s got shows and attractions to keep kids and their parents interested. We love it!

  28. Monica says

    We love to take trips to visit our family and the grandparents always love to go to the local park to walk the trails and fly kites

  29. Monica says

    I have been a huge fan of Britax and have followed them forever. I will head on over and follow you now too. thanks

  30. Chris says

    We like to go to the little carnival themed park that we have close to our home. The kids love it and with the walking involved this would be great!

  31. TREY says

    We love to go to the lake and walk some of the trails they have through the woods. This would be great

  32. nick says

    we like to go to the museums and also to the zoo. the kids love seeing all the exibits and the wild animals

  33. rose says

    We like to go to disney. who doesnt??? baby carrier would make the trip so much easier. very nice product from a great company

  34. Melissa Lopez says

    I would have to say my favorite was and still is disneyland. As a matter of fact we just got back from a day at disneyland with the family. Fun times. So i could use this to help me carry my son around.

  35. Elizabeth says

    One favorite activity I love to do with the kids is to take a lunch and head off to the local park. It’s free and fun and the kids get a great workout! Most of the time, I end up having a lot more fun than I expected!

  36. Christina says

    We love the Smithsonian musuems in DC. Takes a few days to really enjoy them but hoping to take my 10 yr old and infant son this summer.

  37. Tina Reynolds says

    This would be so nice for my youngest Thor. I have three under 5. We love going to the zoo, children s museum, park, anything basically that gets us out of the house and active. Thanks so much for the chance to win

  38. Leslie W says

    I love taking my daughter to the Children’s Hands on Museum in our area. It’s so fun for both of us and she loves meeting new kiddos there!

  39. Kaitlin says

    My almost-6-month little guy has two favorite activities: slow dancing with his mom (he’s very light on his feet and I sing off-key in his ear, poor thing doesn’t know any better) and laughing at ceiling fans (an ceiling fan will do, he’s an easy baby.)

  40. Erin S says

    Favorite activity is anything to do with water, at home or elsewhere, and if you get bubbles in the mix it is even better.

  41. Daisy M says

    My daughter love going to the zoo and discover different animal that she had never seen before and love going to the park and take a ride with the bikes with the family

  42. Lan says

    In the Summer we love anything near the water: the beach, pool, lake, and river! Even the kiddie pool in the back yard is great!

  43. amy h says

    I love the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. My parents used to take me there when I was a child and I will do the same (baby girl due in October). :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  44. Sam says

    We love Disney! It is the most magical place on earth or at least my kids think so. there is a lot of walking involved. It is amazing how much you can actually walk each day. There are some places there a stroller just can’t go. That is why a carrier like Britax would really be useful! Thanks for the giveaway

  45. carmen says

    my son’s favorite thing to do right now is run around in the backyard after bubbles, or go to the park for the slide – heaven forbid i have him in the stroller and walk past a park. cue meltdown.

  46. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    I love the zoo. Seeing the look in a Childs eyes the first time the see an elephant or bear if monkey is priceless.

    LLMG1960 at gmail dot com


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