Catherine Malandrino, with her longtime friend, celeb stylist June Ambrose, presented a Fall/Winter 2011 Runway Show at Exit Art on Thursday evening to celebrate the fantasy of fashion and support Fashion’s Night Out.

“It’s time to inspire our clientele to play with fashion,” said Malandrino. “June Ambrose has a sense of extravagance that brings a unique perspective to real clothes.”

Now I like a fashion show as much as the next girl but when I got the invite, I was down-right giddy.  I’m in a fashion state of mind lately and Malandrino is one of my go-to designers.

I planned my day carefully and was running around with Big Bub until 3:30, when my babysitter relieved me of duty.  I showered during nap time, walked Mapu, loaded new batteries into my long distance flash and flew out the door, arriving just as the lights began to dim and the music started pumping.

The show opened to a remix of La Belle et le Bad Boy, the Mc Solaar song from the finale of Sex & the City– when Carrie’s dashing through Paris trying to make her book party after that old guy blows her off?  It was a strange coincidence since Ms. Bradshaw is very much on my mind having just seen “I Don’t Know How She Does It” on Wednesday and being invited to MEET SJP next week.  But as it’s been proven to me time and time again, everything in the universe is connected.  My universe, at least.

Anyway, it was a fabulously styled show with textures and colors that make me want to empty my savings– leather, chiffon, velvet, angora, and sequins mixed with practical wool and jersey fabrics to create edgy but lady-like looks that translate into everyday life.

The fantasy came screeching to a halt though when I realized I forgot my camera’s memory card.  Huge sigh.  The reality is that I’m juggling so many things at any given time, something always falls through the cracks (and it sure as hell isn’t going to be my kid).  So, all I have is these crappy iPhone pics:

But don’t cry for me Argentina.  You can have a look at this video if you’re interested or just go to Catherine Malandrino online to view the clothes and buy them on the spot.

I recovered from the realization that yes, I am in fact human and make mistakes, dusted myself off, and painted the town red with Andrea:

{Gap dress & belt, Club Monaco sweater, Dolce Vita boots, Tiffany bracelet, gifted Feed bag (courtesy of Tommee Tippee), gifted BaubleBar earrings (IFB conf gift bag), NEST ring.}

FNO this year was low-key with dinner, drinks, and strolling the cobble-stone streets of the Meatpacking District.  We refused to wait on line and it seemed every store we wanted visit had a long one.  Don’t they know who we are?

But while air-kissing goodnight at Maybelline’s pop-up tent, smack dab in the middle of the scene, none other than the fairy godmother of fashion herself fluttered by:

An electrifying end to another chaotic but “pinch me” kind of day.

{I was not compensated for this post.}

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  1. says

    Sooo amazing…I would DIE if I was that close to Wintour.
    Loving that cozy sweater you have on..FABULOUS!!!
    Have fun this week..I know I am excited for all my fashion excursions. C

  2. says

    I really, really like Catherine Malandrino!!! Definitely one of my favorites.
    Your pictures came out really great to be iphone pics!!!
    Love your outfit for this day, especially that sweater!

  3. says

    Dude, there’s nothing low-key about spotting Anna Wintour. I feel close to her b/c my senior year RA-in at CU, I was Bee Shaffer’s RA. She was pretty down-to-earth then. Not sure about now, though. LOL. You look gorg… I love those booties and the red lipstick. It’s official, I need to be hanging out with you guys!


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