Eat Sleep Play at Children’s Museum of Manhattan

Sebastian’s preferred method of exploration these days is with his hands.  Which is a nice departure from the mouth but still challenging.

As kid-friendly as many places in the city are, I still find myself involuntarily yelling, “Don’t touch that!” a gazillion times a day. That’s why the Children’s Museums of Manhattan and Brooklyn are hands down my favorite places in the city to bring Sebastian.  All of the exhibits are designed to nurture creativity and discovery through hands-on play and running wild is actually encouraged.

CMO Manhattan just unveiled its newest exhibit, Eat, Sleep, Play, which is a series installations and activities enforcing the message of how important food, sleep, and physical activity are for our overall well-being.

Sebastian and I headed uptown last week to check it out and I have to say, it’s really interesting for adults too.  As I struggle with weight-loss, good eating habits, and getting enough sleep, it was good reinforcement and I think it’s an incredibly thoughtful way to introduce healthy lifestyle concepts to children.

There’s a computer game center where kids can make decisions about simple family routines that support and develop the brain’s ability to make healthier choices; a digestive system to crawl through and follow nutrients into the body and pump a giant heart; a play center with bikes for pedaling and a room for dancing and jumping, a game that shows why nothing can replace sleep for good health and disease prevention and the things that prevent you from sleeping well like t.v. before bed (guilty!) and soda (just lock me up) ; and a huge NYC green vegetable cart with a slide:

The new installation has even gotten the attention of The White House:

I am thrilled that the Children’s Museum of Manhattan is working on the Eat Sleep Play initiative, and I want to thank you for your commitment to improving the health of our Nation’s children. . . —Michelle Obama

I definitely recommend checking it out.  But not on a day when schools are closed, like we did.  Unless your kid loves to share.  Then you’re just fine.

{I was not compensated for this post. We received complimentary tickets to the museum for review purposes.}

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  1. says

    we went to a kids museum here in LA and the little man loved it. I love the way this one works to teach kids about a healthy lifestyle.

  2. says

    Awww, I just love that last picture! He looks so happy and in awe :) Sounds like a fun day (though I’m sorry there were so many other kiddies present!).

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, girly! XOXO

  3. says

    how fun is this place! we have the Zimmer museum which is great for the kids because they can explore and touch everything!

  4. Carly says

    SO fun…I am planning on taking Connor to a few Philly museums in the coming weeks….Please Touch Museum is awesome and I think he will love it…although I know I will be one exhausted chica at the end of the day….chasing after him is TIRING…I am sure you can relate.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.

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