Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

After a mere 4 days on Long Island with my parents while Chez Glamamom’s floors were re-sanded and stained this past week, my mother’s farewell included, “Good luck with that one.”

She was referring to Sebastian, not Mapuche or the new baby, in case that isn’t obvious.  My Bubba sure knows how to leave an impression!  I’d like to think he gets that from me.

The floors look amazing, by the way.  New York Wood Flooring did a phenomenal job and I highly recommend them if you’re in the NYC-area.

In baby news, we had our 20-week ultrasound and finally got a good look at our newest family member in progress.

I’m relieved that the baby appears to be developing normally, although the doctor reminded us that there are no guarantees. I’d been DYING to know the sex since the minute I discovered I was pregnant so of course we inquired and…

It’s a BOY!

The hot pink stands alone. Well, Bubba would probably paint himself pink too but let’s use the stereotypical pink v. blue for demonstration purposes.

I’m disappointed we’re not having a girl, mainly because I always imagined I would and well, I don’t need to write a post about how amazing girls are, but I’m certainly not disappointed to be having another boy. Two delicious Bubbas makes my heart swell beyond measurement. Neither Leo nor I grew up with same sex siblings so the idea of brothers delights us to no end.  And yes, I will be dressing them in matching outfits, like dolls, for my own amusement.  The dog too.

Others aren’t shy about wanting a girl for us either.  As soon as they realize we already have a son, the inevitable response is, “Oh a girl would be nice.”  Even the ultrasound technician inquired before delivering the news, as if it were somehow part of the equation.  So I guess from that standpoint, my little family is looking a bit…macho.

Perhaps I’m not as affected by the sex revelation as I thought I would be because my pregnancy concerns this time around feel a lot heavier.  I’m older (35 this summer) and have a better sense of what to expect once the baby is born. Or maybe I’ve been too bogged down by existing family obligations and a delicate husband that’s been dramatically ill not once but twice in the past month. And when I write “dramatically ill,” I mean his coping mechanism, not the severity of the illnesses.

When I do manage to focus on our impending arrival, I can’t control the dizzying thought of being pregnant and swollen throughout the summer while wrangling a toddler, potty training, and starting preschool.  How will Sebastian adjust to being a big brother?  How will Leo and I manage two when we feel so overwhelmed by one? Sleepless nights?  Time away from work?  Apartment/city living?  I know The Secret is to keep these negative thoughts at bay and imagine us running through a poppy field clad in white but the “what-ifs” keep creeping up everywhere I turn.

On another positive note, my pregnancy symptoms have mostly subsided and I’m beginning to feel like myself again. I’m hoping the second trimester wind will help me relax more, count my blessings, and focus on getting everything in order, one step at a time.  That, and I’m headed to Key Biscayne this week for the Mom 2.0 Summit.  How does that saying go?  “If all else fails, sun yourself and drink mocktails?”

I know, I know, it’s a rough life.  And now, in my predominantly male family, I feel even more obliged to glam it up.

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  1. says

    Congrats!! I didn’t grow up in a same sibling family either, but always admired the thought of super tight bros and chummy sisters as I was growing up. Lucky Sebastian!!!

    I’ve…been…thinking…about…maybe having a baby. So you are my role model right now because dangit, I just need to know that I can have two and not lose my shiz and still try to be somewhat fabulous which you do effortlessly, but for me, I mean, this takes TIME. LOTS OF TIME. Time a baby would take away. So when you announced your pregnancy and I was all “oh my lordy, homegirl don’t even look preggers,” I felt a little better. 😉

  2. says

    Ah, if my blog weren’t JUST about fashion and fashion events, I would have written a post almost identical to this…
    I have SUCH anxiety with this pregnancy….I suppose ignorance is bliss with your first…and then with your 2nd..you are older, wiser, know what to expect, have met so many mothers and children some with problems that you weren’t even aware of before your first……I find myself consumed with “I hope nothing is wrong”-…you HAVE to remain positive and be so thankful about the life growing inside.
    * I was actually hoping for another lil boy…1. Don’t want to share my husbands gift giving skills with a little lady (hahaha) 2. The damage I would most likely do to that little girl….stage mom anyone?? Boys are better for me:) hahaha

    Parallel lives we are living…fashionistas with lil boys that will rule our worlds. And I think they are both the exact same age, crazy!

    Congratulations on another little man…glad you are feeling better mama.

  3. says

    Jill, first off, congratulations! Boys are super delicious so you’ll have even more fun with Sebastian and younger sibling. Second off, don’t scare me like that when talking about Leo being “dramatically ill”!!!!! My heart sank… and then I read the rest of the paragraph. Whew!

    You are gonna be the most glamourous preggo mom ever! Congrats again!

  4. says

    Oh Jill! Congratulations my dear!! Boys are so special. They really are so cool (as you know). Daughters are cool too, but can I tell you? She terrifies me and exhausts me every single day. Not bad, just different. SO DIFFERENT.

    I’m so happy for you. xx

  5. says

    Oooh, Im soo glad you are feeling like yourself again physically!!! Once the baby comes, and you’ve got your routine down, it’ll feel like a piece of cake.

    Are you guys gonna get the 4d ultrasound? We did that with both of our little guys, and it was scary how much they came out looking just like the pictures! Modern technology…. smh

    lol @ dressing them in matching outfits. Now that will be cute!

  6. says

    Hooray!! Congrats on the news…boys are wonderful :) And so glad to read that you are starting to come out of the first trimester fog and feel a little like yourself again. :)
    XO – Marion
    PS – I’m sure you’ll still be glamorous and beautiful being pregnant in the summer heat :)

  7. Linda Laine says

    Congratulations on joining the all-boys club! 😉 you’ll love your second guy and everything seems much easier the second time since you’ll be a more experienced parent. Lots of hugs!

  8. Odra Noel Reyam says

    Seems like you should care for your sick husband — he appears to seed you good babies. And he’s dreamy.

  9. Jenn says

    Ohhh so excited to hear about the new addition to your beautiful family! Another heartbreaker .. lock up your daughters ladies!

  10. says

    Okay, first things first… it’s totally normal to ask all of the what if type questions! Totally, perfectly normal. We’re moms and we’re made to worry and wonder. I’m sure all will be fine and your little guy will be sweet and cuddly and loveable and just perfect! =)

    I have a sister and I also have two brothers. The one thing I wish I could give the kids I have (a boy and girl) are sibling of the same sex! I’m so incredibly close to my sis. She’s my bestie through everything. And my brothers had SO much fun growing up. You’re going to have a blast with your boys. T-ball games, wrestling on the living room floor, dressing them up in adorable matching plaid shorts and polos. Oh, yes, you’re a lucky lady! =)


  11. Sarah at The Stroller Ballet says

    I grew up with both a brother and a sister…and I must say there is something really special about same sex siblings. Congrats, and very glad to hear that everything is going well! xo

  12. says

    Moms say the darndest things, don’t they! When I was pregnant for the 2nd time, I REALLY wanted another girl so the sisters could grow up together, and to dress them alike etc. My son has turned my hair white, but he also keeps me smiling :). In spite of having a girl and a boy, I still dressed them alike…cheesy, I know! I’m sure your new bundle of joy will add loads of fun to the family! Congrats!!!

  13. says

    Yay, congrats — great news!
    By the way, if you picture your clad in white poppy field more as a vineyard clad in a crisp, dry white wine, it does work wonders when wrangling two kids. In my humble experience.

  14. says

    Yay, I am so excited for you! And so glad you are feeling better. I’m having a boy too and part of me wanted another girl but I’m excited that my son will have a little playmate. Your boys will be thick as thieves I bet! Get ready for more Thomas trains :)

  15. says


    It’s such a weird balance of emotions- I did feel a little sad when I found out that I wouldn’t have a girl. But now, I love being a boy mama.

  16. says

    Awwwww, congratulations girly. This makes my heart swell. So very happy to share in your news. And personally, I think it’s kind of cool to stand out in a sea of men :) You’ll be ultra fab for sure!

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