Mary Kay Sundance Swag Bag {Giveaway}

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Every January, people from all over the country bundle up and head to Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival.  While most hit the slopes or attend premieres, a lucky few are invited to an exclusive retreat at the Winter House.  This year, Mary Kay pampered VIPs with its latest products and offered decadent hand treatments using the much-loved Satin Hands Pampering Set.

Even if you weren’t able to catch a flight to Park City this week, Mary Kay wants to pamper you too by giving you a chance to win the Mary Kay Sundance-inspired swag bag.  One lucky winner will receive a Mary Kay tote bag filled with goodies that are sure to warm up your look this winter.

Complete with “his & her” fragrances, moisturizing skincare products, a hand-pampering kit, and a Fandango gift card—with the Mary Kay Sundance swag bag you’ll be perfectly prepared for a special movie screening of your own.

WIN IT!  I have a Mary Kay Sundance tote valued at $300 to give to one Glamamom reader including:

  • Special Edition Mary Kay Dance to Life Perfume
  • Mary Kay Botanical Effects Cleanse
  • Mary Kay True Original Fragrance
  • Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick
  • Mary Kay TimeWise Repair Volu-Firm Eye-Renewal Cream (One of my FAVORITE products of all-time & fall/winter beauty pick)
  • Mary Kay TimeWise Repair Volu-Firm Day Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30
  • Mary Kay Satin Hands Pampering Set
  • $40 Fandango Gift Card

TO ENTER: You must follow Glamamom at least one of the following ways: confirmed email subscription, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.  Just leave a comment below telling me which flick is a must-see for you this winter.

The giveaway begins at midnight on 1/31/2013 and runs until midnight on 2/7/2013.  One entry per person.  US only and you must be 18 years old.   No purchase is necessary to enter or win.  Void where prohibited.  I’ll choose a winner in one week via  Good luck!

UPDATE: Mary Kay and I thank everyone who entered.  The lucky winner is ewhatley.

{This is a sponsored post.}

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  1. Christine says

    The Hobbit is a must see film for me this Winter.

    Follower on Twitter, @celticirishh

    Fb fan, pinterest and email subscriber!

  2. Katy M says

    What a fun giveaway! It’s always been my dream to go to Sundance!

    I really want to see Les Miserables!

    I am an email subscriber and follow you on Pinterest as katygmorris.


    katygmorris at gmail dot com

    • brenda says


  3. kymi a says

    my must see movie is Lincoln.

    I am an email sub, I follow you on fb, twitter, pinterest & instragram, Thank you for the chance to win.

  4. Oanh says

    I think Mama is a must see movie, it have the surprise elements that scares you and sad plot. I follow you on twitter at julybug17.

  5. says

    What a great giveaway! It looks like Mary Kay has come a long way?! I remember my mother having a pink Mary Kay eyeshadow palette that was used with a touch of water back in the 80’s. I’m dying to see Les Miserables as I’ve heard so many great reviews and also want to see Raise the Red Latern (I’ve never seen it!). Following you on Pinterest, Facebook Twitter and Insta.

  6. Caroline says

    This winter, I really want to see Anna Karenina. It’s been out for a while but I havent seen it and I love everything that Kiera Knightly has done with that director. It looks amazing so hopefully I will have a chance soon!!

  7. Andrea Darst says

    I follow you on Twitter – @adarst213
    My must see is “Silver Linings Playbook” (going to see it tonight!)

  8. Terri Precise says

    I follow you on Facebook! Les Miserables is my must see as I’ve heard so many great reviews!! My second must see choice is Silver Linings!!!

  9. Tonya Cassel says

    I want to see Safe Haven. I have read the book and would like to see if the movie can stand up to the book! Confirmed email!

  10. Jennifer Horvath says

    Les Miserables because all of my friends said they cried when they watched it! I love watching films that make an impact.

  11. Cearra Mechem says

    I follow you on…


    If you have already seen the other James Bond movies with Daniel Craig then you’ll definitely love the new James Bond movie…honestly you don’t even have to have seen the others to love it!

  12. Sheila says

    I have seen Lincoln, The Hobbit and Les Miz – all great by the way – but on my still to see list is probably Zero Dark Thirty.

  13. Destiny Y says

    My must see movie is Safe Haven! A Nickolas Sparks movie! Comes out Feb. 14th! A great movie for Valentine’s day! <3 Following you on Facebook! :)

  14. Kristina Vieweg says

    Hi! I really want to see Promised Land and Lincoln (i know they have been out for a while, but its hard for us to get a sitter 😉

    I subscribe by email: kvieweg07 at

    I follow you on Facebook and twitter too!

  15. Danielle T. says

    I can’t wait to see Side Effects, looks like such a good movie with a great cast!
    Following on Facebook!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  16. Rae says

    I don’t often get to see movies unless they are children’s movies! So I can’t wait till a lot of them come out on DVD!

  17. Liz Spitzer says

    Lincoln is a must see flick for me this year. I am a Glamamom follower on Twitter. Thank you for the chance to win some amazing products!

  18. Michelle Fisher says

    I really want to see several movies this winter: Skyfall 007, DJango Unchained, and Silver Linings but I’m sure I’ll have to catch them on video with the summer flix I missed.

  19. Kayla Groover says

    I follow on Facebook and Twitter @Kaylag151

    My must see is “Silver Linings Playbook” – Looks great and love Bradley Cooper & Robert De Niro is a pretty good actor too!

  20. Valerie Erhardt says

    This give away is amazing! Love Mary Kay, and this swag bag looks awesome. Must see movie is Gangster Squad. Les Mis looks pretty promising as well. I’m a follower through email and Facebook.

  21. Doris-Jean P says

    Saw Lincoln & the Hobbit, but excited to see Beasts of the Southern Wild!

    I’m a fan on FB plus I follow on Pinterest.

  22. Wendy Kellerman says

    I have seen Les Miserables and LOVE IT! Have seen the play twice and listen endlessly to the soundtrack. My husband and I saw both the play and the movie on our date nights. He’s the best. I also want to see Silver Linings Playbook and D’Jango Unchained!!!

  23. Eliza P. says

    I would love to be able to go to Sundance to see “The Spectacular Now”, and even “Narco Cultura”. I love indie films! However, outside of the Festival, I must see Les Mis before it is out of the theatres. :)

    “Liked” your page on FB.

  24. Ashley Stroud says

    I really want to see Les Mis! I love musicals!! Now if I can only convince my hubby to take me!! haha!! I’m following you via fb, pinterist, and email! :)

  25. De Ann Sharkey says

    What an awesome giveaway! I saw your website on the Mary Kay website link on Facebook and shares it.
    I plan on seeing Parental Guidance :-)

  26. Crystal Terrell says

    I am a former MK Consultant. Ive been thinking about coming back. Really miss all my clients. I am planning on seeing The Hobbit, Les Miserables & Lincoln to name a few.

  27. says

    I followed you on twitter and facebook………………I want to see Safe Haven
    Cast: Josh Duhamel, Julianne Hough, David Lyons, Cobie Smulders
    Director: Lasse Hallström

  28. Jane Sturdivant says

    I love MARY KAY- i was a CONSULTANT back in the year 1980 PLUS-would love to become one now but I feel I am getting too old.

  29. Melissa says

    I am following you on Pinterest. So cool!

    I want to see Silver Linings Playbook. The new James Bond movie was good. We have also have seen Parental Guidance which was funny! I would like to see Gangster Squad also.

  30. Skye says

    This is such an amazing Give-A- Way! I personally want to see Les Mis but definitely have to see the Hobbit! It’s such an amazing film! I’m following on Facebook and Pinterest!

  31. Denise Bromley says

    The movie that I most want to see this winter is: Oz, The Great and Powerful. It doesn’t come out until the beginning of March though. /sigh! I wish it were coming out sooner!! – Confirmed email subscriber.

  32. Christina says

    So This is 40! was a must see for me and my husband. We laughed so hard seeing our lives played out in front of our eyes with added drama and comedy. Really helped us to lighten up about our every day life with 4 small children, careers and facing middle age.

  33. Kimberly Celeste says

    I am going to see Argo on Saturday!!
    Hope I haven’t completely missed Le Miz and Skyfall – Moms can’t always get to ll the movies they want.
    Looking forward, I WILL see The Wolverine. THAT is a must see!!

  34. Julie Ware says

    Email subscriber here- I just saw Parker and while it may not win an Oscar, Jason Statham is always looking fine!!

  35. Laura Price says

    I love that Mary Kay products are in the swag bags!!! I really want to see Lincoln. I am a new follower on Facebook! I like what I see there! Have a great day!

  36. sharon gentry says

    I follow you on facebook and also email subscription. i Want to see Lincoln! Thanks for such a lovely MK giveaway!

  37. Emily Cuellar says

    I’m dying to see the host. I’ve been waiting for the making of the movie since I read the book. love! I follow on FB

  38. Becca says

    I follow you on Facebook. :-)
    My must-see movie had me on the edge of my seat: Argo!
    And as a Philly gal, I have to see Silver Linings Playbook.

  39. Xiomie Navarro says

    I luv Mary Kay, always giving , always new 😉

    I’m looking forward to seeing The OZ, luv the previews & luv the make up, cover of Ulta Magazine…
    I’m a make up artist & junky lol!’.
    Luv Mary Kay…
    Good Luck to all

  40. Heidi Huettner says

    Mary Kay and Sundance together. It’s my dream come true!

    Les miserables is a must see.

    I follow you on all websites listed above!

  41. Jenna Bowers says

    I have not gotten a chance to see The Hobbit yet. I would really like to take my hubby to go see it. He loves that Trilogy

    I follow you on Facebook. .


    OK, this is gonna sound ummm, a little odd but, I am crazy about Abraham Lincoln and doubly crazy about James Bond soooo, my picks are Lincoln and Skyfall! Don’t judge me people, just make me a MARY KAY WINNER by way of GLAMAMOM!!!!!

  43. Teri Braddy says

    I can’t wait to see Identity Theft, I think that movie is going to be hilarious!!!!
    liked on FB and I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO WIN!!! I am running so low on all of my MK and don’t have to money to replace any of it. Just lost my job :( and have kids, so OF COURSE, they babies come first!!

  44. says

    “This is 40”, is the must see hilarious movie this winter!! It definitely puts age and aging into perspective, which is a good reason to use the amazing Mary Kay products!!

  45. Kim says

    I really want to see The Hobbit, I loved the Lord of the Rings movies so I’m excited to see the prequel to all that (and of course read the book too!)

  46. Janelle says

    I am very excited for the new Great and Powerful Oz movie because the original is one of my favorites and this one is bringing another piece of that story to life from the perspective of the Wizard.

  47. Cassie. Ring says

    Following on Facebook and email!!

    Since I am a HUGE Jake Gyllenhaal fan, I was very excited for End Of Watch to come out on BluRay. Also, I can’t wait for Valentines Day when Hubby & I go see Safe Haven

  48. Jen Reitz says

    I follow on FB and have a brand spankin’ new e-mail subscription! Hansel & Gretel for me – my nicknames for my toddlers – hopefully they grow up to kick butt & take names, too! Thanks for the lovely giveaway – wow!

  49. says

    This year is going to be a wonderful year! Happy January everyone…. “Girls against boys” is the movie I am most excited about seeing.. Three words to describe how I hope his movie is going to be like – sexy, murder, bada$$… It looks like something we haven’t seen before & I am really excited to check it out. I am a horror movie/thriller/drama fan & this seems to have elements of all three movie categories.

  50. Julia Kupas says

    I LOVE MARY KAY products; and the movie I want, need, have to see this winter is the Hobbit! I have a MAJOR birthday next week, and this means a MAJOR night out at the movies!!

  51. Shawn Smallwood says

    My must see movie is Django
    I am a pinterest follower. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great prize!

  52. says

    I follow you on Facebook! My must see flick is Les Miserables because I am not familiar with the story, and have never seen the Broadway show. Thanks for the chance to win.

  53. Ann Ossont says

    Hey Jill !!!! I love glamamom! And what a cool giveaway -so here is my pick- silver linings play book ! I follow u on the ole FB… Love to u and your gorgeous fam!

  54. Deborah Roth says

    I follow via e-mail.

    I’m excited for the new movie, New Haven to come out. It starts Feb. 14th, 2013

    Thank you for Such a wonderful company as Mary kay.

  55. Tracey M. says

    I still want to see The Hobbit.

    I am an email sub and I follow you on Facebook and Twitter.

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  56. Theresa Stalzer says

    Liked you on fb. I want to see Lincoln. Interested in seeing portrayal of Mrs. Lincoln’s dressmaker…a new good book out .

  57. Julia PM says

    Warm Bodies looks HILARIOUS! There’s a 4 minute preview on IMDB and it looks so great. Zombie movies are usually really predictable, but this is great because it takes the perspective of the zombie. (Ever want to know what a zombie’s thinking? It’s super funny!)

  58. Sharon says

    I want to see Les Mis…. AGAIN. GREAT movie!
    I follow you on Pinterest, Facebook and I’m a confirmed e mail subscriber!

  59. Jessica R says

    like you on FB … need to see Les Mis, Lincoln, This is 40, Argo … 3 kids and not a lot of me time … even me reason for me to win this giveaway! … so i can MAKE some me time!

  60. Jessicca Shumard says

    Awesome giveaway!!!! SO Excited! Thank you sooooo much for this opportunity :)

    Liked on Facebook
    Following on Pinterest
    Following on Instagram
    Following on Twitter
    Signed up for emails

    Can’t wait to see Safe Haven!

  61. Cindy Clark says

    I have liked you on FB and followed you on Pinterest. This winter everyone should see Les Mis!!! In Alabama, there aren’t many Broadway score opportunities. This movie is such a great adaptation!

  62. Michele Keenlance says

    Silver Linings Playbook and Safe Haven are my must sees!! Follow on Twitter and Facebook! Always love MK giveaways!!

  63. Elizabeth Haberle says

    I am following you on Twitter. I would love to win the Mary Kay gift bag and I can’t wait to see Safe Haven :-)

  64. Jayne says

    I’ll be getting your email & following you on FB . . . it was good see The Hobbit but I can’t wait to see Les Mis!!! :)

  65. Elizabeth Cole says

    Les Miserables is definitely the must see of the year for me!
    I follow you on facebook, twitter (ecole_mkdiva) and instagram (ecole_mkdiva)

  66. Pam says

    I was torn between Les Mis, The Hobbit and Lincoln. I finally saw The Hobbit! What a movie!
    A must see for everyone! I will eventually see the other two as well….

  67. Deb says

    Following on Pinterest and twitter. I haven’t seen Les Miserables yet. Loved it on Broadway and want to see it in the theater.

  68. Jo K W says

    email subscriber and FB follower
    I must see Lincoln, but the weather has held me back…may have to wait until video is out

  69. Kristen says

    I like you on Facebook! I’ve seen a ton of movies this winter, but I have to say This is 40 was my favorite besides The Hobbit! Django was also a great action flick. However, This is 40 was way better than most romantic comedies and who doesn’t love Leslie Mann!

    I have been using Mary Kay makeup since I was able to wear it. I also have been using the new facial cleansers and they have worked better than any other face washing system for my acne. I am basically acne free, and that hasn’t happened since I was in the 5th grade. Thank goodness for Mary Kay!

  70. FRB says

    I follow on FaceBook. My must see movie is Les Miserables. I saw the play in NYC and it was excellent! Now I want to see the movie.

  71. Samantha says

    Mary Kay has such wonderful products! The movies I’ve wanted to see are Bullet to the Head, The Hobbit, Hansel and Gretel, Warm Bodies. There are more but it’s a long list. We dont get to go out much which is why I would love to get this! I email subscribed.

    • Patricia says

      I don’t understand why my comment is awaiting moderation. Help? I follow on Facebook . Parental Guidance would be my movie of choice. Working two jobs doesn’t allow time for many movies.

  72. Mary says

    Facebook follower. I haven’t been out to the theaters due to my precious newborn. I am really looking forward to Les Miserables, Hobbit, and Warm bodies. Maybe soon I’ll get out for an evening out on the town;)

  73. Maria Martin says

    I follow you on FB ! would love this ! I just started selling Mary Kay so I can stay home with my kids ! LOVE me som Mary KAy !

  74. Kristen H. says

    I would be nice to see any movie. My husband and I stay at home with our 13 year daughter and our 3yr old disabled son.

    The movies out look so good… how can you choose.

  75. Crystal says

    I follow you on Facebook. The movie that is a must see for me is Les Mis and Silver Linings. Lincoln is a must see as well! Too many to just list one!!

  76. Wanda Serrano says

    As a mom and money is tight his would make my day to win!!
    comfirmed Email subscription, Facebook Follower
    The OZ Great and Powerful something both me and my children would Enjoy!!

  77. Deborah Roth says

    Thank you For the chance to win.

    I follow Glamamom Via E-mail.

    Safe Haven is the must see movie this season, Strating feb, 14th, 2013.

  78. Lisa Ann Smith says

    I already saw Argo and Silver Linnings, now I really want to see Zero Dark Thirty
    I subscribe by email, follow on twitter @LisaAnnNola, follow on Pinterest LsaSmth

  79. Carrie C. says

    I’ve seen The Hobbit three times! It was a must see, and I wanted to compare 3D, 3D HFR and regular viewing, LOL.

  80. Molly says

    I’m a Facebook follower! :) Thank you for this opportunity! I can’t wait to go see Safe Haven! Have a wonderful weekend.

  81. says

    I follow Face Book.I want to see Lincoln. I want everyone to know that I love the Mary Kay GO-GIVE
    Spirit. ON September 13th we will celebrate the 50th Anniversary with Special Tribute to Mary Kay.
    Mary Kay’s guiding philosophies are timeless.I Love the Mary Kay Inc.

  82. Larry says

    I saw “Les Miserables” and it really touched. I even cried at the end of the movie. I’m so glad I saw it. For me, it’s a must see movie. My wife is an avid user of a lot of Mary Kay products and I would like to give her your awesome giveaways if I win.

  83. Kaylah says

    Follower on facebook!

    I dont really go to the movies…..but when I do its gotta be WORTH the $$$ I guess we’ll see whatever movie my boyfriend brings me too! lol

  84. Kari Rhoderick says

    I am following you via email. My must see movie this winter is Safe Haven. I hope I win this awesome gift pack.

  85. Johannah Miller says

    This swag bag is AMAZING! I follow you on Pinterest and Instagram- my two favorite social media pages! :) I’m looking forward to seeing Les Miserables!

  86. Lee Ann says

    James Bond baby! Haven’t seen the new Skyfall; recently watched Casino Royale again. Wooh baby! What’s better than James?

  87. Ari says

    I subscribed to your blog via e-mail!
    My email: falses1gns @ g m a i l dot com

    I want to see Silver Linings Playbook at the cinema!

  88. Carlena says

    <3 Mary Kay products and as a company who has helped women all over the world…and Mark Wahlberg I really want to see Broken City. I'd watch it once then watch it again and again and again.
    Subscribed by email and Liked on Facebook.

  89. ewhatley says

    I hesitated on Les Mis since I saw it on stage several years. But a few of my friends who have also seen it live have now gone to the movie and they said it was great – so I guess I’ll trust them and give it a try.

    sub to your emails

  90. Lynn A. says

    Love all of the Mary Kay products. Time Wise Repair set is my all time fave, makes my skin feel “yummy” :)! Les Mis and Skyfall are must sees, and just for fun I want to see Identity Thief. I just started following on Facebook and Twitter. Love Glamamom.

  91. Carolsue says

    I subscribe to your newsletter via e-mail.
    I follow you on Pinterest as cezovski9
    I follow you on Instagram as cezovski9

    I want to see Silver Linings!

  92. mm says

    I like Glamamom on FB as mell morgan and I would like to see one of the Oscar Nominees – Beasts of the Southern Wild.

  93. Giselle says

    Great giveaway, very excited to see Les Mes. especially since we did a choir spring show based on it back in my HS days ;). Following on Twitter @ChicGiselle . Fingers crossed!

  94. Dana Tallman says

    Followed you on Pinterest! I loved Silver Linings Playbook this winter, and can’t wait to see Safe Haven on Valentine’s Day!

  95. Michelle Tucker says

    Les Miserables was my must see movie this winter.
    Follow via email (confirmed)
    michelletucker at baconnation dot net

  96. Stefanie Gladden ( Ann Lyfe ) says

    I’m wanting to see Warm Bodies!! I love Nicholas Hoult!!

    subscribed to email subscription,
    liked on Facebook – Ann Lyfe
    Twitter – @stephcoupnsxx
    Pinterest – stefaniegladden
    Instagram. – stefaniegladden

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