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The most amazing aspect of writing a blog is having a platform.

From opinions about products, events and places, to raising awareness for causes I believe in, it’s an extraordinary opportunity and responsibility.

With or without a formal platform, we as moms have tremendous power. We influence our children, families, and communities simply through our actions and the way we live our lives.

It’s with this concept that ONE Moms was founded– to encourage moms everywhere to speak for those who struggle with their own voice and to spread awareness in the fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease, and promote education, engagement, and activism on behalf of the world’s poorest.

This summer, ONE Moms took 10 American social media moms to Kenya to meet their African counterparts and experience extreme poverty through the eyes of a mother in Africa. The focus of the trip was to show that despite the vast differences, there are still so many similarities between us and families in the developing world.

In support of ONE Moms’ efforts, I joined some of my favorite New York  moms and those who traveled to Kenya to make a mini-PSA of sorts called It Only Takes ONE Mom.

I get emotional every time I watch it.  It’s so beautiful and the message is so true:

What can you do to join the movement?


  1. Become a ONE Mom. Sign up for “ONE Week” updates and to join moms around the world in our movement to end extreme poverty.
  2. Join ONE and (RED)’s Twitter campaign by Tweeting the following: “@whitehouse Beginning of the #endofAIDS starts w you. Lead a global plan to treat & prevent HIV @ONECampaign @joinred”
  3. Read ONE Moms’ partner blogs. One Moms’ community partners are critical to engaging as many people as possible in the fight against extreme poverty.

It only takes one mom.

{I was not compensated in any way for this post.}

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    What a powerful video, and a truly amazing movement. It has always bothered me that some on this planet have so much and (millions of) others have so very little. I’ll definitely support One Moms.

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    this is so great. my church always sends a group every year to Kenya to help build wells and bring shoes, etc. it’s pretty amazing. i hope to get to go someday (when i’m not pregnant and my kids are a tad older).

  3. says

    Thanks so much for posting the video! You did a great job! :) It’s so encouraging to see all different types of bloggers like yourself take on these issues and support the ONE Moms campaign — different women all coming together around ONE cause. Thanks again, Jill!

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