To kick-off this year’s Gifts to Grow program, Pampers and celeb Glamamom Bethenny Frankel hosted a “Parents Rejuvenation Day” at one of my favorite Manhattan spas, Oasis Day Spa (its old Union Square location was the site of the infamous couple’s massage).

I got pampered with a much-needed massage and facial and spent some quality time with Frankel, a new mom herself.

Bethenny Frankel & Jill Seiman

“Until I became a mother I did not realize how difficult it is.  It’s an under-appreciated job…much more difficult than the rest of the work I do.” Frankel confided.  “The whole [Gifts to Grow] program is about giving back to moms.”

She also shared a great Glamamom beauty tip, ” I use baby wipes to get all the make-up off my face so I don’t mess up my towels.”

I hadn’t thought of that!

Oh and look at Frankel’s bag…

Bethenny Frankel's Red Prada Bag


Sorry, where was I?

Oh right, diapers!

Pampers Gifts to Grow is an incentive program, much like frequent flier miles, that allows consumers to accrue points for their purchases then redeem them for different items- and not just baby stuff.

To learn more about Pampers Gifts to Grow, visit

{The above-mentioned spa services were complimentary. All opinions expressed herein are my own.}

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  1. mashugamom says

    Glam, Lucky you! I am sooo jealous. All the pampering is only something in my dreams. Sounds like a well-deserved and much needed evening for you. And meeting a Celeb no less…. cool- Little did she know she met a celeb herself.
    Sounds cool!

  2. Virginia says

    Good for you for getting some pampering. I am seriously want to move to NY,there are NO spas were I live! ha.
    Bethenny is the cutest!

  3. says

    Oh, man, Mommy is just out of the loop – we live in NY! I use Pampers! We want to get invited to fun bloggy events! We’re just not the cool kids, though…

  4. says

    You and Bethenny look terrific!!!! Her bag is gorge!!! Love that makeup tip (about using wipes).

    So wish I could have made this one – next time!

  5. says

    So funny – she mentioned the wipes makeup remover trick when I spoke to her today – a good idea, and I plan on trying it myself! Glad you Glamamoms had fun. :)

  6. says

    Ya know, I always see those points and think about saving them and signing up, but never do it. Oh well, maybe next baby. I think I had my prenatal massage (pre-mother’s day gift from my hubby) at Oasis. It was fantastic!

  7. says

    can i take a moment to tell you HOW JEALOUS I AM?! I love love love Frankel and am a huge fan of her show. can’t wait for the new season!!!

  8. Sandra says

    I need another kid! I have to start buying Pampers again…then again, I sneeze so fricken much and my bladder ain’t what it used to be, so maybe I could fit into the ones for toddlers. Then I could earn myself a sweet purse like the one you posted.
    That does it, though, I can’t take much more of feeling out of all the glamour. I’m moving to New York!

  9. says

    I am a HUGE Bethenny Frankel fan so that is SO AWESOME you were able to meet her! Sounds like a really fun day (and I’m totally hypnotized by that bag, too! WANT! LOL).

    Hope all’s well with you!


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