Too Good by Jenny McCarthy

This afternoon I had the pleasure of attending a small media event for the launch of Mom Warrior Jenny McCarthy’s new infant and children’s products line, TOO GOOD by Jenny McCarthy.

I was thrilled because Belly Laughs was one of my favorite pregnancy reads and I think McCarthy is absolutely hilarious, not to mention one fierce Glamamom:

During the Q&A at PEM America’s showroom in the Flatiron District, McCarthy explained that she was frustrated by the lack of fashionable but affordable bedding, which led her to partner with the bedding manufacturer to create a line of non-toxic bedding, bath textiles, room décor and newborn gift sets.

Her son Evan’s autism recovery is also a source of inspiration for McCarthy and motivated her to “raise the bar” on safety and comfort standards at TOO GOOD™.

The designs are fun and playful and the colors are rich and vibrant, giving the line a luxurious look:

TOO GOOD™ will be available in buybuy Baby and Baby Depot/Burlington Coat Factory stores nationwide.  A percentage of every sale will benefit the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association and Generation Rescue, two infant and child safety advocacy groups.

McCarthy was also on The View today to promote the line and ironically I was in the studio audience when she co-hosted in 2007!

Thank you to My Work Butterfly and PEM America for an entertaining and educational afternoon.

For additional photos, visit Glamamom on Facebook.

{Glamamom was not compensated for this post.}

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  1. Sandra says

    You get to meet Jenny McCarthy and I crap my pants. I think it’s safe to say that you get the elegant gigs, while I get laundry detail. :)
    You’re beautiful! Love how you made sure to get a shot of those great boots with the open toe! You truly are my hero!

  2. says

    What a lovely line!! Love the monkeys bedding set…too bad my boys don’t need one anymore…
    And those heels…how does she do that?! I would face plant the moment I try to move! WOW…

  3. says

    You’re right… Belly Laughs is absolutely hilarious! And check out those Louboutins… ouch! The line is so cute. I’m glad that it’s affordable for the average gal. The pics are amazing — looks like you had a fab time!

  4. says

    Oh, I adore her! You definitely get to do some fabulous things! Guess that is what happens when you live in NYC and I live in the middle of nowhere, NC. 😉

  5. Danielle says

    While the concept of Too Good baby bedding is worthy of applause, the bedding itself is not. It is cheaply made and ill-fitting for even a standard crib. I wish I hadn’t washed all of it before trying to put the bedding into place with our crib, which is a standard crib. The bumpers do not go all the way across, leaving small gaps, and the ties do not line up; so if you think you’re ready to go after tieing the top side, you’ll find it a little harder to get the bottom side tied off on the same slat. The crib sheet was nearly impossible to fit over the crib mattress. I have it on there for now, but I’m sure after maybe even one or two more washes, that will be impossible. No, I didn’t wash it on high heat; I followed the care instructions for a gentle wash cycle and with low heat drying.
    And just recently, I tried installing what I can only assume is a practical joke for a musical mobile. This seems to be the most cheaply manufactured piece of all. The sports balls (that’s our theme) did not hang at the same length. Some were off by just a hair, but the football was off by 2 inches! The piece that attaches to the crib is entirely too tall, which means it does not safely grip the crib at all. Perhaps an adjustable piece here would make it more universal. And the worst part of all was that the canopy did not even come close to fitting over the cross bars. Plus, there was no way to secure the canopy even if you didn’t break one of the cross bar arms or tear the canopy in the process of trying to get it to stretch from corner to corner. When I thought that perhaps this was just one flawed product, I tried the other musical mobile we received (one of the few times a duplicated gift has come in handy!). That was just as bad. The length of the hanging sports balls was better, but everything else was just as disappointing.
    The worst part…if you try going to the website to contact a manufacturer, there is NOTHING there! Your only choices are to find a retailer nearest you-that’s the only thing the website does. Jenny’s book might be funny and her work as an activist for her son is amazing, but this bedding is a joke. Do NOT waste your time with it. We thought we were supporting a good cause and saving a little money, but we will never buy her products again.


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