Someone very special in my life is turning twooooooooo.

Guess who?

He’s really messy


his favorite foods


jelly beans



Happy Birthday to the little boy who made me a Glamamom.

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  1. says

    Awww!!!! Happy Birthday cutie pie!!!!! Aaah, officially 2. Now the “real” fun begins.
    Okay, I love that his 2 favorite foods are jelly beans and icecream! LOL!!!

  2. says

    He is BEYOND adorable…and I didn’t realize how close in age our boys are…Connor will be 2 October 2nd…Happy Birthday to our little men!!! Hope you are celebrating in style and enjoying Labor Day weekend.

  3. says

    OMG! I almost cried reading this! How sweet! Can Sebastian be any cuter in those photos?! Two was a very special age for me — I think it’s when I finally began to come into my own as a mom and it started to become my new “normal.” Only took twenty four months, but hey… better late than never. So every time someone’s kid turns two, I tear up.

    Happy Second Birthday Sebastian. Hope you got lots of jelly beans and i-cream! xoxo


  1. […] My little jelly bean has been quite fond of “beeeens” since he first pawed the sugary sweet treats at the Easter egg hunt my parents created for him last year and requests them just about every day. Second to jelly beans, are of course cupcakes, and last night the two melded together in perfect harmony at an editor’s event hosted by Jelly Belly at Dylan’s Candy Bar. […]

  2. […] hand, it feels like just yesterday that we were popping jelly beans and giggling while I snapped these photos of Sebastian when he turned “Two.”  On the other, I look back at how much we’ve […]

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