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There’s a beauty on-demand app making waves in NYC and LA called Vênsette. Think of it as Uber meets beauty. Have you tried it?

Through Vênsette’s iOS app, you can book a seasoned professional hair and/or makeup artist in 3 quick steps: browse the menu of looks to determine your inspiration, select your appointment time, location, and payment method, and an artist come directly to your door!

vensette app

Basically, you don’t even have to get out of bed to get glammed up anymore! This is everything for busy women and those of us who like a private, highly personalized experience, especially moms!

Vênsette’s services start at $150 and are available 24/7.  The company is regularly used by luxury brands, hotels, celebrities, and thousands of private clientele. Each artist undergoes a background check, and is extensively interviewed and trained, so we can feel comfortable inviting them to our home/office and entrust them to use cutting edge techniques and the latest and greatest products.

I love that the prices are fixed and you can pay through the app eliminating the need to “check out” at the end and give cash tips. I can’t even tell you how many times I could have used a service like this for early mornings and special occasions.

What will they think of next?! Give Vênsette a try and let me know what you think!

{This is a sponsored post.}
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    WHAT?! This is a crazy awesome and novel idea. Love it. Would be great for a night with my girlfriends before we hit the town. Thanks for sharing and hope you are enjoying your summer, momma!

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