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6 Ways to Renew Your Hair this Winter

Lackluster locks? Here are 6 ways to renew your hair this winter.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by SheaMoisture via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of SheaMoisture.


It's just about that time of year that I look at my hair and notice the impact the cold, dry winter is having on it. Thanks to "1gSq459%20" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">SheaMoisture, I'm sharing my winter hair care routine and 6 steps to renewing lackluster locks:

strong>1. Get a trim: If you haven't started the year with a haircut, I highly recommend one. I like to use each New Year as a reminder to book all kinds of wellness appointments for myself from the derm to the dentist. A new cut is always on the list. A visit to the salon will take care of split ends and add movement to my hair, which goes a long way to helping my hair look its best.

2. Swap out your hair care products for more seasonal-appropriate options: I have a rotation of a few different shampoos and conditioners going at any given time to avoid build up. If your hair is looking dull, it could be time for new, seasonal appropriate products. Since dryness and static are more of an issue in the winter, I use thicker conditioners and treatments more regularly to moisturize and protect.

3. Cover up: Let's face it, the elements are not our friends when it comes to hair care. Sun, snow, rain, wind, etc. are all barriers to a good, healthy hair day. Keep your hair tucked up and in with a hat, hood or scarf to protect it and maintain your blowout longer.

4. Shampoo at a minimum: There was a time I would shampoo my hair every single. I am SO glad those days are over! Not only is it time consuming but the scalp produces oil in anticipation of the stripping that occurs when we shampoo. It took a few months for my hair to get used to the new routine but when I shampoo less, my scalp regulates the production of oil more efficiently and my hair is better hydrated and healthier.

5. Reduce the heat: I'm not recommending you ditch the hair dryer (going out with wet hair in dry cold weather can be damaging) but dry, brittle hair can be further damaged by hot tools used to straighten or curl. Try to reduce the frequency with which you heat style and be sure to protect the hair with a vitamin-rich heat styling product before you start.

6. Treat yourself: When you're getting your cut/color, go for the deep conditioning treatment and invest in an at-home masque you can administer as needed. I've been using "1gSq459%20" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">SheaMoisture's 10-IN-1 Renewal System made with certified organic shea butter and other natural ingredients. Its superfruit blend of red raspberry, ketones, goji, acai, and guava extracts has anti-aging benefits, protects the hair from heat and color, as well as hydrates, and nourishes. There are four products in the system: a shampoo, conditioner, masque, and hair & scalp serum, which work together to help renew vibrancy. The smell of these products is out of this world and I love how thick and creamy the conditioner and masque are. I was a little afraid the scalp serum would make my hair greasy but it washed out quite nicely and my hair is noticeably shinier.

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The story behind SheaMoisture is super sweet too: Sofi Tucker started selling shea nuts at a village market in Bonthe, Sierra Leone in 1912. By age 19, the widowed mother of four was selling shea butter, African black soap, and her homemade hair and skin care all over the countryside. SheaMoisture is Sofi's legacy run by her grandchildren. The products are sulfate and paraben free and do not contain gluten, mineral oil, synthetic color or Parrafin. The ethically traded ingredients are sustainably produced to empower disadvantaged women to realize a brighter, healthier future.

Brighter, healthier hair and brighter, healthier futures. My kind of beauty products!

"1gSq459 ">SheaMoisture Superfruit Complex 10-IN-1 Renewal System is made with certified organic Shea Butter and other natural ingredients, providing a better way to beautiful.


Disclosure: Compensation was provided by SheaMoisture via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of SheaMoisture. Top photo © Subbotina |