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7 Best Hair Removal Techniques and Trends

As we gear up for summer, Gwen Lewis of Bellezza Spa shares the 7 best hair removal techniques and trends for silky smooth skin.

As we're gearing up for summer, I thought this month would be the perfect time to share a guest post from Gwen Lewis of Bellezza Spa. Hair removal is the bane of my existence. I tried laser years ago and despite many many sessions and even a lovely little burn, it wasn't permanent. I'm thinking of giving it another go though.

With so many different types of hair removal options at our fingertips, there is absolutely no reason we shouldn't have the smoothest, hairless, and perfectly fuzz-free skin of our dreams.

Here Gwen breaks down the 7 best hair removal trends for silky smooth skin:


Of all the different methods, waxing is certainly high up on the list of fast and convenient hair removal techniques. It's been around for centuries, starting with sugar waxing. At first, legs, arms, and facial hair were the most commonly treated but then soon, the hot trend of the Brazilian wax began and suddenly everyone was sold on getting completely bare down there!

Although it can be quite painful to wax, especially if it is your first time, the results last around two weeks and you will definitely see regrowth that is finer and lighter. Waxing is available at specialty spas as well as nail salons that commonly cater to walk-ins for everything from eyebrows to bikini line, and everything in between.


Laser hair removal is for die-hard, smooth as silk fans that never want to pick up a razor or get waxed again. This type of hair removal is said to be only mildly uncomfortable, with extremely long lasting results. Laser is perfect for those wanting permanent hair removal, those with excess facial hair, or people who live beachside or poolside year long. A few treatments are required to perfect the process. making it at times quite expensive. However if permanent results are what you’re after, they are the perfect choice, and well worth it!


Hair Removal Cream

Back in the day, depilatory creams had a harsh scent that tended to bother even the strongest, and the most sensitive of noses. Nowadays however, you can easily pop into your local drugstore and purchase anything from fragrance free, to moisturizing and even sweet-smelling, cream hair removal products. Spread on, wipe off. It’s that easy! This is by far the least painful, and easiest of hair removal techniques. Jill recommends Olay for the upper lip.

Eye see you!

There are three effective ways to remove hair from the eyebrow:

  1. Plucking is of course always a simple and effective way to clean up brows. A good tip is to go to a professional first and work out the best shape for your eyes and brow, then do home maintenance everyday.
  2. Waxing is also a wonderful way to keep your lines clean and clear for a few weeks.
  3. Threading is another clean and simple way to get the most perfect brows aligned. This trend started in India and is fast gaining popularity. Thin, organic cotton threads are twisted along the hairline to pull out hairs from the root. The results last about two weeks. The beauty with threading is that the cotton used is natural, so it is great for sensitive skin. There is no wax (that may sometimes irritate and aggravate) and redness, which would be minor if at all visible, and swelling would last a very short while. In addition, there is very little irritation to the skin itself as hair is literally being removed from the root of the hair follicle itself.

Back to basics

We all know the most simple way to remove unwanted hair… shaving. The trick to getting the best shave is to use a rich, moisturizing gel or emollient shaving cream as well as the sharpest razor you have. Always prep skin by opening up the pores; a warm shower or bath will do the trick easily. After you shave, treat your sensitive skin to a soothing moisturizer. Adding a dollop of aloe vera gel to your moisturizer or oil will ensure healthy, happy stress-free skin.

In-between shaves, or any other hair removal technique, be sure to exfoliate everyday to prevent ingrown hairs and build up of dead or dry skin. Smooth sailing ahead!

What's your preferred method of hair removal?

Gwen Lewis is a freelance writer from California. She has had years of experience in the makeup and beauty industries and loves sharing the tips and tricks she's learned.