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25 Beauty Products To Try This Fall/Winter

25 of this fall's best beauty products to keep you hydrated and glamorous throughout the holiday season.

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For my beauty junkies, here are 25 of the best beauty products fall 2014 to keep you hydrated and glamorous throughout the holiday season and beyond:

1. Veet Infini'Silk Pro Light-Based IPL Hair Removal System for Home Use: You may be familiar with Veet's creams, waxes, and bleach for hair removal but now they're taking it up a notch and moving into the at-home IPL (intense pulse light) hair removal industry with the Veet Infini'Silk & Infini'Silk PRO. The devices are FDA cleared and deliver short pulses of light directly into the hair follicle to stop new growth at the root.

Treatments take a lot of patience and hard work since you need to wait approximately 4 weeks between sessions and it takes quite a while to cover large surface areas but I'm personally willing to put in the time for permanent hair removal. Even on the highest setting, I don't find the pulses particularly painful. The hardest part really is sitting for 30+ minutes to administer the treatments. I've done two so far and am hopeful. It's hard to tell how well the device is working because I've done professional laser hair removal in the past and am targeting the remaining random patches of hair that still grow. I can tell you for sure that it's a million times more comfortable using the Infini'Silk in the privacy of my own home and a fraction of the cost. I will keep you posted but I'm very impressed so far and think it's worth the investment.

2. Urban Decay NAKED2 Basics Palette: "Basic doesn't mean you're a basic b*tch" is the pitch I received for the Urban Decay NAKED2 Basicspalette and I couldn't agree more. With six taupe-hued shades, it's all a mom really needs to mix and match shadows to create a classic, matte look. For veteran Basics fans, NAKED2 Basics is a cooler version of the original, warmer-tone NAKED Basics but complementary. I also really like the NAKED Basics Double-Ended Brush that has a shadow smudger brush on one end and shadow blender brush on the other. The palette/brush pair are compact and great for travel too.

3. Merle Norman Pro Pen Eyeliner: Now that summer is over, I'm starting to use heavier makeup including black liner for bolder eyes. While I've gotten better at lining my eyes, I am by no means a pro. This liquid pen liner is super easy to apply and draw out a flawless cat eye.

4. Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret: Being the fixers they are, the pros at Infiniti Pro by Conair designed this device to create consistently beautiful curls. I'm a bit clumsy with a curling iron so I like how perfect the Infiniti Pro curls come out. There is a risk of hair get tangled if you don't use the device properly and I had trouble doing the back of my head, which requires a bit more coordination. If you're great with a curler, you don't need another tool but if you have trouble creating consistent curls, or you're always doing someone else's hair like your daughter's, it's a worth a try.

5. L'Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal Moisturizing Night Cream: With temps plummeting it's time to double up on hydration and add a heavier night cream to my skincare routine. Dry heat and wind really dry out my skin so I've been using Age Perfect to restore moisture. It's supposed to also stimulate surface skin cell renewal during sleep. There's no question I feel more hydrated in the morning. Don't forget to use a CVS Beauty Club membership when stocking up on new favorites like this one. For every $50 we spend, we earn $5 ExtraBucks Rewards!

6. TRESemme Keratin Smooth Smoothing Crème Serum: Almost 90% of women suffer from frizzy hair at some point throughout the year and a good smoothing serum helps smooth away frizz and boost shine. I love this formula from TRESemme for controlling fly-aways without weighing hair down.

7. Essence of Beauty Forbidden Orchid Body & Hand Cream: Time to start stashing hand creams everywhere to avoid the dreaded chapping and cracking. I'm obsessed with the Forbidden Orchard scent and love this affordable line of thick hand creams from CVS.

8. Vine Vera Resveratrol Moisture Day Cream: I'd always hoped red wine would be good for my skin! Vine Vera is a rejuvenating skin care collection formulated with the antioxidant, Resveratrol, created in the outer layer of grapes and found in red wine. Resveratrol works to cleanse the body of impurities and helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity. The Merlot Moisture Day Cream is such a luxury with its fast-absorbing, lightweight but substantial formula. I wish the formula had an SPF in it and its price tag isn't for the faint of heart but after trying it, I know why this line has a devoted following.

9. L'Oreal Glossy Balm: Goes on smooth to create a pigmented shine while hydrating the lips. I love the range of colors, accessibility, price, and smooth formula that isn't sticky.

10. Uni K Wax Center High Prescision Tweezers: My tweezers are a main staple in my beauty bag and I'm currently using Uni K Wax Center's perfectly aligned, high precision tip tweezers with a 25-degree slanted tip, which makes grabbing stray hairs a cinch. They come in a fun assortment of colors too.

11. AVEENO Soothing Bath Treatment: Sinking into a warm bath with this 100% pure colloidal oatmeal, a natural itch remedy, is the most relaxing way to end a day. It moisturizes and calms sensitive skin and acts as an anti-itch for eczema, hives, sunburn, chicken pox, poison ivy/oak/sumac, and insect bites. It's fragrance free and each box comes with 8 single-use bath packets.

12. Suave® Professionals Moroccan Infusion Body Lotion: Infused with Moroccan Argan Oil known for its skin-softening antioxidants and nutrients, this lightweight body lotion with a convenient pump might just top my list of fall favorites. The smell is incredible (if you like the distinct smell of Argan Oil), leaves skin smooth and shiny, and is super affordable and easy to find. The body washes are worth a try too for a longer lasting scent.

13. SkinCeuticals Physical Eye UV Defense SPF 50: I reviewed this 100% mineral-based, broad spectrum SPF 50, eye cream this summer and like it so much I'm including it again here. It’s formulated specifically for the thin areas around the eyes so that it doesn't migrate or irritate and is tinted for use under makeup, daily. Read the full review here.

14. Murad Acne Spot Treatment: At 37, I would say I get worse break outs than I did when I was 16. I'm not sure why (hormones, stress, diet, environment, all of the above?) but I'm battling blemishes regularly and rely on spot treatments like Murad to calm and reduce blemishes. This formula has 3% sulfur and salicylic acid to reduce the appearance of blemishes while supporting natural cell turnover. Zinc and licorice root extract help support natural healing.

15. Women's Rogaine Regrowth Treatment Foam: You've probably been hearing or seeing the buzz about the new Women's Rogaine. Its foam formula contains 5% minoxidil, which reactivates hair follicles to regrow thicker hair in over 80% of women surveyed. Stay tuned for tips to use in conjunction with Women's Rogaine for thicker, fuller hair.

16. Skin + Pharmacy Advanced Acne Therapy Clarifying Daily Cleanser: This cleanser, exclusive to CVS, is oil-free and contains 2% salicylic acid, making it strong enough to kill bacteria causing acne but less irritating to skin. I rotate this thin, clear formula into my cleanings several times a week.

17. OROGOLD Cosmetics: As if a Merlot moisturizer were not enough, this Orogold moisturizer contains pure 24K gold from Italy! That's taking it to a new level, isn't it? Cleopatra was said to have slept in a gold mask to preserve her beauty and if it's good enough for Cleopatra, it's good enough for Glamamom. Seriously though, gold has a multitude of reputed benefits including slowing the depletion of collagen and elastin in the skin, reducing the appearance of damaged skin and antioxidant properties. It's also long been known for its anti-inflammatory properties. In combination with Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Green Tea, this moisturizer melts on to hydrate without greasiness. I am very particular about moisturizers because of my acne prone skin but this formula specifically controls oil so even though it's a nice thick formula for max hydration in colder temps, it isn't slimy. The price tag on Orogold's products is bananas so definitely get a sample to make sure you like the smell and consistency before spending the big $$$.

18. Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash: With the new Deep Moisture formula, Dove delivers its promise of softer, smoother skin after just one shower. The tantalizing scents of Coconut Milk and Jasmine, Cucumber and Green Tea Extract, and Fig and Orange Blossom smell absolutely delicious while the nourishing ingredients leave skin feeling soft and smooth. Dove is celebrating the new body wash with a fun initiative they are calling the #OneShowerChallenge – are you game?

19. iS Clinical Poly-Vitamin Serum: For my anti-aging buffs, this powerful combination of vitamins, bionutrients, and age-fighting antioxidants essential for cellular metabolism hydrates, regenerates, and increases micro-circulation of the skin to help improve texture and tone. After a few uses I noticed an immediate glow and less tightness. The texture of the serum is really lightweight, almost like water, and it absorbs immediately. It has no identifiable scent. As an FYI, Innovative Skincare is also very committed to the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund. In October, 100% of profit from the serum went to the fund and they even have iS CANCER CARE SPA DAYs where volunteers, including dermatologists, medical aestheticians, and massage therapists pamper patients with special treatments.

20. Repechage C-Serum: If the Poly-Vitamin Serum is out of your budget, I also recommend this concentrated seaweed serum with similar benefits: cell regeneration, healing, and restoration. Think of it as a multi-vitamin for the skin. It's also a very lightweight serum that absorbs quickly, which is the way to go if you're prone to blemishes or enlarged pores.

21. Jane Blushing Bronze Duo: This blush and bronzer duo are sweetly packaged together to highlight the cheeks with just a natural pop of color. It's all the makeup I need most days to feel put together. Plus, for every Jane cosmetics sold, Jane donates one equal beauty product to a women's shelter to give the gift of confidence. I heart products you can feel good about buying. Buy-one, give one to a neighbor in need! Perfect for stocking-stuffers too.

22. VO5 Salon Series Shampoo and Conditioner: Snow and wind do nothing for my hair game so products like VO5 Salon Series Shampoo and Conditioner that contain a unique smoothing complex, help manage my hair and help to eliminate frizz. I'm a huge fan of Salon Series for it's ability to tame the mane, plus its affordability and accessibility. For more tips on how to fight frizz, click here.

23. StriVectinLABS 5-Minute Weekly Glycolic Peel: Regular exfoliation is something I struggle to incorporate into my skincare routine so I'm thrilled to have found this two-step resurfacing treatment. Step one is a Detoxifying Primer containing StriVectin’s patented age-fighting NIA-114™ technology to help detoxify and prepare skin for the application of the exfoliating step. Step two is the AHA Activator which contains 10% AHA Acid, the highest level that can be used in cosmetic products, to help deliver a complex of powerful Glycolic and Lactic acids to slough away dead skin cells for an intensive exfoliating experience resulting in skin renewal. It's another top favorite of mine this season and it's on sale right now.

24. Colgate Enamel Health Toothpaste: Apparently when the surface of our enamel isn't maintained properly, it becomes rough and more susceptible to damage. That's why hygienists polish our teeth to go beyond cleaning and replenish natural calcium and smooth out the enamel, which makes germs less likely to stick. Makes sense, right? Well, this new Colgate toothpaste gives us the tool to replenish and polish teeth at home during our normal routines.

25. Proactiv+ Mark Correcting Pads: I use wipe my face with these pads when I'm having a particularly bad bout of acne, which usually happens once a month before my period. Each pad has 5% glycolic acid to exfoliate layers of pigmented dead skin cells plus 2% salicylic acid acne medicine to keep pores clean and looking smaller. Surprisingly, they don't dry out my skin and after one of two uses, I notice my skin clearing up. They also help reduce scars and spots.

{Some samples provided for review.}