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Beauty Buzz | Birthday Beauty Resolutions

Valerie Aranov is a lawyer and lover of all things fashion and beauty. She loves to keep up with the latest trends, try the newest beauty products, and write all about it! You can follow her on Twitter at @LegalValerie.

Happy June! As spring winds down, I thought I would take stock of my birthday resolutions. As I mentioned before, my main resolution was to take better care of myself. I committed myself to a shiny new gym membership, weekly face and hair masks, and letting my hair enjoy its naturally curly state and avoid the wrath of the hair dryer.

My mission has been successful thus far (beauty routines are hard work to commit to people, I swear.)

First let's start with hair: I've been flying my curly hair flag wildly, and I was able to try the L'Anza Healing Oil System. In a word... (that I totally overuse) it is AMAZING. My hair is softer, shinier and healthier. I have been using the Keratin Healing Oil every time I wash my hair and it has made a big difference. If you know nothing of L'anza, ALL of their products protect your hair from heat, so if you can't keep your hands off your blow dryer or curling iron, these will ensure that you don't damage while you style. Ask your stylist for more details as these products are only available in Salons and limited Ulta locations.

Valerie Aranov

Next, my skin: I have been in a long battle with my dry and sensitive skin. I've received varying opinions from dermatologists and beauticians which have all contradicted one another in ways that left me scratching my head in confusion. So I've taken matters into my own hands with the help of Poe's Pumpkin Perfecter Enzyme Mask. I suggest using this one on an evening when you aren't planning to go anywhere because this product means business. I could feel it working as my skin was tingling and mildly stinging. The first time I used it, my face was a little red but the redness went away within a half hour (and this did not happen again). My skin was also incredibly smooth.

To moisturize afterwards, I've been using the B-liv by Cellnique Balm and Calm and Soothe and Splash moisturizers, products which calm, restore and preserve your skin's natural barrier helping to prevent moisture loss. These moisturizers are incredibly light but effective (perfect for the upcoming warmer weather) and I've noticed a huge difference in my skin since

I've started using them daily. I've also been religious with my Elizabeth Grant Organics Concentrate at night; this product uses all natural ingredients including Argan Oil and is still extremely light and not at all greasy.

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On a related beauty note, I have also been using perfume daily (which is a change for me, I am often far too lazy to put the effort into a few spritzes of something. Yes, that lazy) and I recently tried Jimmy Choo's newest scent, Flash. Meant to mimic the excitement of going out on the town, I actually found the scent to be a great everyday one. I received several compliments on it (which tells me both that it's a great perfume and that I should wear perfume more often) from both coworkers and friends, and the scent lasted the entire day, which is where some very expensive formulas I have sampled in the past have fallen short.

With my soft skin and great smelling perfume, I decided to don my new Von Vonni Monet Flower Applique Dress in Nude. With a cardigan, this dress transitioned from morning to the night, and looked awesome (the flower appliques hide all your flaws. This dress is legit, and is also available in black).

So, to recap for you, I've been working really hard on my resolutions. My commitment to pampering myself has been tough to stick to, really. I feel a sense of accomplishment that has been rewarded with healthy hair, smooth skin, a great scent and an awesome outfit. I consider the first part of 2013 to be a win.

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