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All-Natural, Preservative Free Teeth Whitening

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cocowhite oil pulling

I admit it: I am a sucker for advertising. I am even more of a sucker when a celebrity is selling me something. So when I saw COCOWHITE – a natural teeth whitening product – suddenly pop up on lots of celebrity’s Instagrams, I had to try it.

COCOWHITE is a teeth-whitening system based on the ancient Ayurvedic method of “oil pulling.” Basically, oil pulling involves swishing about one tablespoon of oil (coconut, sesame, or sunflower preferably) in your mouth for up to 20 minutes and spitting it out, in order to maintain good oral health. The main benefit of oil pulling is to reduce harmful bacteria in the mouth that can cause inflammation, gingivitis, and cavities. The oil binds to the bacteria and helps dissolve it, so when you spit out the oil, you are ridding your mouth of a large amount of this harmful bacteria.

I had done professional whitening years ago, before my wedding, and I will never forget those painful teeth “zings” that plagued my mouth after the procedure. I tried whitening strips, too, but haven’t felt like going that route again because my teeth are really sensitive and also, I am still breastfeeding. (COCOWHITE’S ingredients are all-natural and preservative-free, and are safe for pregnant and nursing mothers.)

cocowhite oil pulling for whiter teeth

I purchased the multipack so I could try all three of the flavors (Minty Fresh, Vanilla Swirl, and Light Lemon) and then decide which one I liked best for my next order. Each order comes with 14 different sachets (i.e. a two-week supply). For my first night on the COCOWHITE oil pulling regimen, I tried the Vanilla Swirl. I cut open my sachet and squeezed it directly into my mouth. (Note: Try to squeeze it slowly – sometimes the oil can shoot out and hit the back of your throat, which is a little uncomfortable feeling). The consistency was strange at first – like salad dressing. But after a few minutes, the saliva in my mouth mixed with the oil and softened it so it felt more like swishing around a sweet-flavored mouthwash.

You don’t have to swish it too vigorously or gurgle. You just have to regularly swirl it around and keep things moving. On my first night I swirled it for seven minutes, then spit out, and brushed my teeth (the website advises brushing AFTER swirling). Some reviewers have said the consistency was too strange for them to bear, but I really like it once it dissolves.

After that first night, I noticed such a difference in how clean my teeth felt, and even saw an improvement in their brightness, that I made my husband try it. The website advises starting with a five-minute session the first night and working up to 20 minutes per sachet. After a week of using COCOWHITE, my mother asked me how I’d gotten my teeth to look so white. I started sending people home from my house with sachets from my pack, just so they could try it.

And what new product would be complete without a devoted Instagram following and unique hashtag? The company encourages its users to take a #cocoselfie and post to the ‘gram. (Still on my to-do list).

A two-week supply is $19.99 before delivery. COCOWHITE also offers a monthly subscription service. If you’re looking for a natural and safe teeth whitening method – particularly if you are pregnant or nursing – give COCOWHITE a try. You’ll really feel a cleaner mouth within the first few uses.

I’m a COCOWHITE convert.