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How To Get Down | The French Braid Down

Monica Shulman of Ciao Chessa shows us a step by step to create the French Braid Down hairstyle for curly hair, straight hair or any type in between.

A few weeks have passed since I pledged to take the #downfor30 days challenge and so far...okay. It's definitely more difficult than I thought it would be but only because my baby son's favorite activity seems to be yanking on my hair. All the toys in the world are no match for the entertainment provided by pulling on mommy's curls! Still, I've really enjoyed the challenge to leave my hair down and free and it's been fun coming up with different ways to style it.


I've been using "1m5S0dP" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Frizz Ease for years and now they're challenging all of us to take the #downfor30 challenge because they believe that when you pull your hair back, you also pull yourself back. It's not to late to join us in this fun endeavor and it's pretty simple AND throw yourself in the ring for a chance to win an awesome prize:

Check out Never Pull Back for all the rules and details, arm yourself with your favorite "1m5S0dP" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Frizz Ease products, and wear your hair #downfor30 days (or as many as you can).Show us all your styles on Instagram with the #downfor30 and #sweeps hashtags for the chance to win an epic adventure in New York City. Each new post with #downfor30 and #sweeps (up to one post per day) earns you another chance to win! Amazing, no?

I'm ready to take on the world hair-first and wear it down for 30 days straight. What do you think? Will you join me? And if you've been doing this with us so far, how has your experience been? Let us know in the comments and start sharing your pics over on Instagram!

While my Urban Wave is my easy go-to style of choice when I wear my hair down, lately I've been trying another style that I adopted after my first daughter was born - The Braid Down. Some days you want to wear your hair loose but it get to be too much and in your face (especially when you're hanging out with babies all day). I love that a braid can feel fun, relaxed, sophisticated AND done all at the same time. And, most importantly for me as a mom of two kids, it's out of my face but not in a bun where I feel like I'm about to wash my face and get ready for bed.

Here are some simple tips for creating the French Braid Down hairstyle that you can wear with curly hair, straight hair or anything in between:



1. Style your hair as you normally would. I start with clean, dry hair and I usually wear it curly as it is naturally. This seems like common sense but my hair is at its most full and thick the day that I've washed it. I use the same products that I did for the Urban Wave.



2. Part your hair on the side and take a chunk from the front that will be braided. I typically tie the rest of my hair back with an elastic so that it doesn't get tangled with the braided portion.



3. Part your hair in three separate portions and begin braiding from as close to your part as you can. I like to keep it close to the part and braid it tightly so that I can minimize bumps. If necessary because of flyaways and uncooperative curls (raises hand) you can simply secure the braid on the back end with a bobby pin. Each time I cross the braid I pick up some hair from the bottom to make it thicker (like a French braid).



4. Use an elastic the same color (or as close as possibly to your hair to tie the bottom. I like to leave quite a bit loose at the end rather than braid the entire thing.



5. For a more finished look I wrap a piece of hair around the elastic.



6. Finish off the look with some Glossing Mist. I use this product every single day because it gives my hair a boost of shine and gloss.



After I had my son I lost quite a bit of hair on my hairline. It's not the best look but thankfully it's starting to grow back. However, I do currently have a full line of baby hair coming in that needs to be tamed. Since gel is my product of choice I take a small pea-sized amount, blend it on my hands, and lightly work it in my hair line to control those fine baby hairs that are growing in. Too much makes it look too hard so use sparingly.



What are your favorite hair down look? Let's connect on Instagram! Follow @glamamom for the latest in hair, makeup, nails, fashion, and of course, family.

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Frizz-Ease believes that when you pull your hair back, you also pull yourself back. So we’re challenging women everywhere to take on the world hair-first and wear their hair #downfor30 days straight with the help their favorite Frizz-Ease products. Join the movement at

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Monica Shulman is a photographer and author of Ciao, Chessa! – a photography and lifestyle blog. She lives in New York City with her husband, toddler daughter, and infant son.