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DIY Red Carpet Glamour

DIY Red Carpet Glam

Awards season is in full effect and for me, it's all about the red carpet! What the celebs are wearing, how they're wearing it, and how I can recreate those looks for my own glamorous nights out.

REMBRANDT® sent me a DIY Red Carpet Glam Kit created by celebrity make-up artist Amy Oresman, who has the inside scoop on how those magical red carpet moments are created. It's packed with some of her (and my) favorite products and helpful tips and tricks she’s learned from years behind the scenes in Hollywood.

Luckily for us, most of these amazing products are available at our local drugstore or Target:

REMBRANDT® DEEPLY WHITE® 2 Hour Whitening Kit & REMBRANDT® DEEPLY WHITE® Toothpaste: Get noticeably whiter teeth in just one 2-hour treatment with the DEEPLY WHITE® 2 Hour Whitening Kit for a dazzling red carpet smile. For best results, whiten daily with REMBRANDT® DEEPLY WHITE® Toothpaste to help whiten your teeth from the inside out. I've personally reviewed these products before and they're my go-to in between professional whitenings. The 2 Hour Whitening Kit made my list of top beauty picks this past summer.

NEW AVEENO® PURE RENEWAL™ Dry Shampoo: Refreshes hair without water for a clean, healthy look between washes. This exclusive ACTIVE NATURALS® formula is infused with Balancing Seaweed Extract which instantly revives hair for healthy manageability. The formula is sulfate-free and designed to remove excess oil and impurities to help boost volume. I am OBSESSED with dry shampoo and have been using AVEENO with great success. It smells better than most I've tried.

CLEAN & CLEAR® Oil Absorbing Sheets: A few hours into the day and I'm already shiny so these are a great little addition to my clutch. They instantly soak up excess oil and remove shine from your face, without smudging makeup or leaving behind powder. They're super soft and can be used easily around your nose and other oily areas of your face.

LISTERINE® PocketPaks: Keep this discreet solution on-hand to freshen up and kill the germs that cause bad breath on-the-go. Plus, these slender packs fit easily in your pocket or purse, so you’re always prepared to mix and mingle!

REACH® TOTAL CARE PLUS WHITENING Floss: To complement your whitening routine, use floss to ensure that every corner of your smile is bright. This floss uses micro-grooves™ technology that works like a mini squeegee to grab and remove plaque.

BAND-AID® Brand FRICTION BLOCK™ Stick: Before you rock your new stilettos, apply it to prevent blisters. The lubricating formula glides on smoothly to instantly reduce rubbing from shoes, and the stick is compact enough to fit in your clutch. I can't count how many times this could have come in handy in my shoe past!

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler: Don't be fooled by imitation brands, Shu Uemura is the gold standard. It's ultimate precision delivers the perfect curl for lashes in seconds.

Trish McEvoy Precision Smudge Brush: The Precision Smudge brush is perfectly designed to blend and smudge any powder or pencil eyeliner for a softly defined eye, or to layer color over liner for added definition, giving you a perfect natural-looking eye.

Essie’s Ballet Slippers Polish:A universally appealing shade for any special occasion! This classic pale pink complements almost every outfit and complexion.

What are your favorite products for a glamorous night on the town?

{Samples provided. Post contains affiliate links.}