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How-To Fight Frizz | Alberto VO5's National Anti-Frizz Month

I'm thrilled to be partnering with Alberto VO5® to launch its second annual “National Anti-Frizz Month,” empowering women to fight August’s dog days. Here's the science behind frizz & the key way to prevent it before it starts.

Happy August, friends! Can you believe we're half way through the summer! Where does the time go?!

The weather in New York has been all over the place this summer. Who knows what this month holds. Typically, August is the most hot and humid month of the year, which really does a number on my hair! I try to lay off the styling as much as possible and let my hair just air dry but unfortunately, that's when it's its frizziest and unruly.

I'm thrilled to be partnering with Alberto VO5®, the legendary hair care brand known for its affordable, 5 Essential Vitamin formula, to launch its second annual “National Anti-Frizz Month,” empowering women to fight August’s dog days. I'll be posting 3 brief videos to discuss the science behind frizz and how to prevent it before it starts, an easy summer hairstyle to get your hair up off your face, and VO5's recommended 5-step process and products to prevent and manage frizz.

If you suffer from frizzy hair too, you're certainly not alone! Check out these stat from a recent survey:

  • 87% of women surveyed said they deal with the problem of frizzy hair
  • 75% of women polled said they scrutinize weather forecasts to plan their daily frizz-fighting routines
  • Almost 60% said frizz is their number one dreaded hair malfunction
  • 51% of respondents report experiencing frizzy hair more than four times per week
  • 92% of women use products to manage their frizz, most often with shampoo/conditioner and/or an anti-frizz cream
  • 25% of women have stayed at home due to a bad hair day
  • 27% of women struggle with frizzy hair more when their hair is long rather than short

You may be wondering, "Why does frizz happen in the first place? Why me?!"

Well, the water found in humid air actually modifies the hair’s structural protein, causing each hair’s cuticle to let loose. Here I explain more and how-to fight frizz before it happens:

As mentioned, the key to preventing frizz is pre-treating the hair with products like "1zDUbZX" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">VO5 Hot Oil Treatment and "1nZHar3" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Hot Oil Shower Works, which smooth out the cuticle and keep frizz from taking hold. Plus, they smell incredible, are easy to travel with, and are super affordable and accessible. My kind of products!

Stay tuned for my next VO5 Anti-Frizz Month video where I'll show you how to do my favorite summer hairstyle. Don't worry, it's a quick and easy one!

Tell me, does your hair get frizzy in the summer months? What's your best plan of attack?

{This is a sponsored series with Alberto VO5. All opinions expressed herein are my own.}