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Miss Jessies Curl Bar

Valerie Aranov is a lawyer and lover of all things fashion and beauty. She loves to keep up with the latest trends, try the newest beauty products, and write all about it! You can follow her on Twitter at @LegalValerie.

As a naturally curly girl, I am almost embarrassed to admit that I was a somewhat late bloomer when it came to discovering the professional blow-out. I was out of college already and into my second semester of law school when my best friend took me on what I think was probably the most transformational experience of my adult life (shout out, you know who you are!). Since that day, I've been hooked.

My hair is not easy to straighten. It would typically take an experienced stylist at least an hour to tame my thick, frizzy, and unruly hair. After keratin-treating my hair, the process became somewhat easier - my blow outs are now 45 minutes long - but still time consuming.

Enter Miss Jessie's Curl Bar.

When the offer was extended to review a salon that would style my hair curly, I jumped at the chance. Frankly at this point I've given up. If I don't have my hair professionally blown out, I just let it do its thing. Which is usually something pretty scary looking. Seriously.

Upon entering Miss Jessie's Curl Bar, the first thing I noticed was how beautiful the salon is. Bright and happy, with marble tabletops abounding, I already had a good feeling. Then I met Rejane, my hair stylist. She was gentle with my hair and knowledgeable about the products she recommended. She washed my hair with the Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo, Creme De La Creme conditioner and styled with the Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue product (she noted though, that if I don't diffuse my hair at home and let it air dry I should use Pillow Soft Curls instead).

After my hair was washed, she separated it into sections and worked the product through section by section. Once this was done, she had me flip my hair over and dried it by cupping it into the diffuser. This was a lot more gentle than the tugging I'm used to when I get blow outs, and the products smell aaaahhhh--maaazing, someone even asked me what perfume I was wearing! There was something very freeing about wearing my hair so naturally curly, and it definitely went noticed outside the salon.

Among some of the comments I got were, "Wow, why is your hair so sensual and sexy?" and "Oh wow, this is an amazing look for you." (it's not a look, it's my hair, just better). I was also compared to Carrie Bradshaw in her curly hair days and Andrea on the original 90210.

The best part is how easy this process is to do at home with the right products. I recreated the look later that week and still ended up with frizz free-and what I like to think are sexy tendrils, that required nothing more than properly applying the Pillow Soft Curl creme and air drying.

Now armed with the right products, I have been going curly a lot more often. What can I say? I like big hair. I'm a Jersey girl at heart, after all!

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Miss Jessie's Curl Bar | 441 Broadway, Suite 2 (Between Grand & Howard) | New York, NY 10013 | (212) 966-5600

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