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Foundation for me is all about (1) the right shade and (2) the right coverage. When you find both, it changes your makeup game completely.

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Bobbi Brown's foundation products have been in my makeup bag for years. I wrote this skin care post shortly after becoming a mom about how Bobbi's products changed the way I felt about my skin. I've gone on to try many of Bobbi Brown's skin care and makeup and can honestly say I am never disappointed. It's always a good investment to find quality makeup in the right shades for your skin type (especially since Bobbi offers free shipping and returns).

I first tried Bobbi Brown's Skin Foundation SPF 15 because I was looking for a water-based, oil-free formula. I happily used it for years and frankly would continue to but I got turned onto other brands through reviews and don't wear foundation regularly. I recently received a sample and am bringing it back into rotation, although it's slightly darker than my winter/spring skin and will be great for summer nights out once I have a little glow. It is a very lightweight formula for normal-oily skin. If full coverage is not your thing, I recommend trying Skin Foundation SPF 15. You won't feel a thing but you'll notice a more even complexion and a dewy glow.

I also received a Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick, which I use daily. It is literally one of a handful of my must-have makeup products. Being able to hide small imperfections and blemishes well goes a long way towards feeling your best. I dab and blend this onto red and dark spots and voila, they fade away. When I go out at night I pack a lipstick and my Foundation Stick, that's it. 

I love Bobbi's new campaign, #SeePerfectSkin because that's really the true test of foundation products -- whether you consider them skin care or makeup -- and I consider these products essential for good skin care. 

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In My Makeup Bag
Bobbi Brown Art Stick Liquid Lip Squeezable Lipstick

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