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How To Get Down | The Urban Wave

Monica Shulman's hair tutorial for The Urban Wave: a perfect go-to hairstyle for curly hair!



Like most women with wild, curly hair, I've had a love/hate relationship with it for most of my life. Some days, especially since I've gotten older and finally learning to just accept it, it's more love but other days, not so much. On those days that my hair is simply not cooperating it goes straight up in a bun, a braid, a loose ponytail, or anything to pull it up and back away from my face. This spring I want to change that.

After wearing my hair super long for years and then going through a series of random styles, I recently got a fresh, new haircut and now that spring is officially here I just want to wear it down all the time. I got all the motivation I need when my daughter said "Mommy, your hair is so beautiful when it's looooose!" So the timing seems to be perfect for an amazing challenge by one of my favorite beauty brands, Frizz Ease.

I've been using Frizz Ease for years and now they're challenging you to take the #downfor30 challenge. This is going to be no easy feat for me since the first thing I do every morning before even rising out of bed is tie my hair up in whatever hair elastic I left on my night stand the night before. With work and kids and everything in between, my hair usually only makes a guest appearance but Frizz-Ease believes that when you pull your hair back, you also pull yourself back. So I'm taking on this challenge for the full 30 days and asking that you join me.

It's pretty simple: check out Never Pull Back, arm yourself with the frizz-busting, strand-smoothing power of your favorite Frizz Ease products, and wear your hair #downfor30 days (or as many as you can). Show us all your styles on Instagram with the #downfor30 and #sweeps hashtags for the chance to win an epic adventure in New York City. Each new post with #downfor30 and #sweeps (up to one post per day) earns you another chance to win! I'm ready to take on the world hair-first and wear it down for 30 days straight. What do you think? Will you join me?


Here's my quick and very easy tutorial for my "How to Get Down" style, the urban wave hairstyle. It takes less than 15 minutes (for all of you out there who have little time) plus drying time depending on the length of your hair and whether or not you choose to use a hair dryer or a curling iron to finish off the look. I usually let my hair dry naturally. Otherwise no other tools are needed. The products required are: Frizz Ease Original 6 Effects Serum, Frizz Ease Clearly Defined Gel, Frizz Ease 100% Dry Glossing Mist.



1. "Brush" your hair with your fingers in the shower

I don't own a brush and I haven't for years. I simply use my fingers to get through knots while I condition my hair in the shower and I've found that this helps my curls to stay in tact and it helps to combats frizz.

2. Blot wet hair with a towel

I use a towel to gently squeeze excess water out of my hair. I try not to let my hair get too dry before I start applying product.

3. Use one or two pumps of Frizz Ease Original 6 Effects Serum



The directions on this great product say to use it on soaking wet hair but since my hair doesn't really absorb well when it's so wet, I opted to apply it after blotting my just washed, wet hair. You really only need one or two pumps because a little really does go a long way with this stuff. After rubbing it between my hands I gently apply it to my hair by distributing it evenly from the base of my neck to the tips while completely avoiding the roots. It's really important to avoid the roots because your hair can appear oily if you use too much of this and especially if you get too close to the scalp.

4. Apply Frizz Ease Clearly Defined Gel and curl hair using your fingers

Gel is my styling product of choice and I really like this non-drying, alcohol free option. I apply it as needed to my wet hair to give my curls and waves definition. I simply squeeze some onto my palm and rub it gently between my hands and then I apply it throughout my hair from roots to tips. Then, starting from the bottom of my hair at the nape of my neck I separate my hair into pieces and curl them around my fingers. This adds definition and creates gentle waves instead of random, frizzy curls all over my head. This part takes about 10 minutes depending on how much hair your have. I tend to focus most on the front of my hair near my face since this is the part that gets frizzy first.


5. Apply Frizz Ease 100% Dry Glossing Mist

I'm obsessed with this stuff and even use it on my almost four year old who has the curliest (and most beautiful) hair ever. I love that it feels super-light and not greasy at all. I like that you can use it pretty much any time to smooth your hair out and give you a finished, polished look whenever you feel like you need a boost. Plus it smells great!


What I love most about this style is that you can tease it up at the roots for night time or keep it simple for the day time. Because my hair is normally very curly, I love that I can have looser and softer waves without having to spend ages blowing it out or applying heat with a blow dryer or curling iron. It's super easy and causes minimal damage which is what's best for the health of your hair in the long run. Plus, what's important to me is that it holds up throughout the day while I'm working and running around with my kids and there's no frizz. Do you have any tips?

Plus, check out this great video from Frizz Ease.

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Frizz-Ease believes that when you pull your hair back, you also pull yourself back. So we're challenging women everywhere to take on the world hair-first and wear their hair #downfor30 days straight with the help their favorite Frizz-Ease products. Join the movement at

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Monica Shulman is a photographer and author of Ciao, Chessa! – a photography and lifestyle blog. She lives in New York City with her husband, toddler daughter, and infant son.