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The Children’s Museum of Manhattan, one of our favorite jaunts when we lived in the city, is bringing all the fun of visiting the Museum to your home! Introducing CMOM at Home a series of fun, educational and engaging activities for kids and families to do together at home.

With a new theme for each day of the week CMOM at Home will bring a wide range of programming and activities right to your home computer:

Magical Monday is a day for math, science and technology, which helps children develop logical, critical thinking and problem solving skills and also allows them to explore their world and discover magical new things

Move & Groove Tuesday is a day for kids to get up and get the wiggles out. Physical activity in early childhood is not only associated with better physical health but is also important for the development of children's brains and social skills.

Our World Wednesday is a day for parents to explore the world with their children. By exposing kids to different cultures at a young age, it broadens their perspectives, helps them appreciate others and sparks their curiosity about who they and others are in the world

Artsy Thursday is a day for kids to find their inner creativity. In today's world, it's easy to resort to technology in order to keep children entertained and occupied. While technology is useful, it shouldn't come at the expense of children playing and making things with their own hands so they can express themselves in a creative way.

Feel Good Friday is a day to shape health and wellness in kids, which if learned at an early age, can be beneficial for so many reasons. Physical and emotional health not only helps children maintain a healthy life, but a healthy mind as well. And studies have shown that healthy students learn better overall.

Storytime Saturday is a day for parents to cuddle up with a book and read to their children. Looking at books and reading together is a great way to introduce kids to letters, words and stories. Even without written words, looking at picture books and talking together build vocabulary and storytelling skills.

Surprise Sunday is a day for just that, a surprise activity for children and families.