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If your New Year's resolution is to read more, you need a subscription to the Cozy Reader Club

A curated box of "meaningful me time."
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Cozy Reader Club is a monthly subscription box that delivers "meaningful me time" combining reading with curated cozy comforts. 

Each box includes a recently released women's fiction novel, beautiful handmade items, small craft artisan coffee or tea, and a gourmet handcrafted treat. The Club focuses on locally made and artisan products and supports small businesses throughout the US. The boxes provide (almost) everything you need to curl up with a good book and take some meaningful time for yourself. Unfortunately, it won't put your kids to bed or ensure they don't keep getting up.

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I received a charming November/Thanksgiving Day box and was smitten at first sight. My box included:

  • Soft cover of Faithful by Alice Hoffman, which was on my reading list so I was quite pleased with that inclusion.
  • A Max & Melody knit hat. It's universally flattering and I could always use a cute, new cap.
  • Townshend's No. 56 Pumpkin Spice Chai, seasonally appropriate and yummy.
  • A Vermont Brownie that I devoured immediately. It was excellent.
  • According to the card, there was supposed to be a spoon of some sort in my box but it didn't make it in.
Max and Melody Hat.jpg
Pumpkin Spice Chai.jpg
Vermont Brownie.jpg

I love the idea and execution of the Cozy Reader Club box. Each box is $64.95 or you can prepay a 3-month subscription for $179.99 ($60/box) plus shipping.

You know I love subscriptions, if you can afford them and hone in on the one(s) that best suit your lifestyle. Cozy Reader Club is definitely on the high-end of monthly subscription boxes. I think the price is going to dissuade some potential subscribers but the value is certainly there and Cozy Reader Club is unique, useful, and will encourage you to carve out time for yourself.

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