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On Breastfeeding Support & Daphne Oz's Partnership with Bravado Designs & Medela...

Daphne Oz

The first few months after both my sons were born are a bit foggy but some moments are so significant, I recall them as vividly as if they happened this morning.

Breastfeeding was unexpectedly one the happiest times for me as a new mom. Even after forty weeks, birth felt so abrupt. How could my babies go from being inside, literally connected to me, to outside the womb, into other people's arms, dressed in frilly clothes, and swaddled in their bassinets? Breastfeeding helped me continue that bodily connection to my sons and help ease them into life outside and off my body. I will always look back fondly on that brief time in our lives.

While breastfeeding is certainly natural, it isn't always instinctual and can be challenging (or altogether impossible) for numerous reasons. Having support from my doctor, doula, the nurses in the hospital, and my husband and family, made all the difference in helping me get through the rough patches in my breastfeeding journey and stick with it. Having access to good information and comfortable, efficient breastfeeding tools like a hands-free breast pump and nursing wear, were also invaluable.

One of the few aspects I like about celebrity baby culture, is the candor with which so many celeb moms speak about their approach to parenthood and breastfeeding challenges. Motherhood is the great equalizer.

Daphne Oz, daughter of talk show host Dr. Mehmet Oz and co-host of The Chew, gave birth to her daughter Philomena seven months ago and has been open about her breastfeeding challenges and how much her support systems has meant to her. She's always come across very down to Earth. I've watched her on The Chew and she's very forthcoming about weight loss and appears to genuinely be striving to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle like the rest of us, which is pretty much the only celeb advice I tolerate.

Oz recently partnered with two of my favorite baby brands, Bravado Designs and Medela, to donate $128,500 worth of Bravado nursing bras and Medela breastpumps to the charity Baby Buggy to benefit mothers in need.

I've worked with Bravado and Baby Buggy on several occasions and the assistance they provide for hundreds of thousands of families is incredible. Together, they've provided over a million dollars in product donations.

Oz said that she loves being "able to play a role in giving that joy and support" to the moms the initiative is helping. I do too.