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Pampers #BetterForBaby Grant

One of my favorite things about Pampers is its commitment to community and helping families in need. As an ambassador of the brand, I'm given the opportunity each year to take part in local charitable initiatives with support and funding from Pampers. It has been endlessly fulfilling to provide relief to those who need it most and celebrate those who are making a difference.

This year, the inspiration for Pampers' giving campaign is babies, the most powerful agents of change in the world. Through the #BetterForBaby blogger grant program, we were able to contribute to the fundraising efforts of three very worthy groups, all striving to make the world a better place for babies and their families.

I was introduced to the Helping Hand Rescue Mission through a friend who collected Halloween costumes to donate to the mission this past fall. The Helping Hand Rescue Mission seeks to improve the spiritual and temporal conditions of the people and community of Huntington, where I live and work. When I learned that diapers and wipes are often requested, we made sure to restock their shelves for the holidays, including baby food and formula. You can learn more about the Helping Hand Rescue Mission here.

Pampers BetterforBaby Grant

In honor of my best friend's neighbor's son, Alex, who passed away unexpectedly at 44 days young, we contributed to their efforts to build a "Little Angels Splash Pad" in his memory. You can read more about their story and fundraising effort here.

The Whit Whit Walk, which raises money for pediatric cancer research, honored a friend's son this year for the 3rd annual race/walk. Over 530 supporters enjoyed a beautiful morning of walking, food and ladybugs (in honor of Whitney Pasillico, who passed away in 2012 just after her first birthday). The walk raised over $80,000 for pediatric cancer research. Whitney's mother Tracy blogs about her love of whole foods, holistic wellness, and everything green at Whit's Way.

A huge thank you to Pampers for everything they do and allowing me the opportunity to support everyday people doing extraordinary things. For more information about the #BetterforBaby program, visit Pampers.

Photo via Helping Hand Rescue Mission.