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28 Days of Play: Playing While Doing


How often do you play with your kids? I mean, really p-l-a-y? I’m guessing that if you answered honestly, you’d be surprised to realize how little you actually do. Right? Why is it so hard to offer our kids this undivided attention and let go of schedules, to-do lists and inhibitions?

Rachel Cedar of You Plus Two Parenting was grappling with the same questions and developed a brilliant series called, “28 Days of Play,” where she asks parents, writers, and bloggers their thoughts on "play." For the third consecutive year, Rachel has curated an entertaining, honest, and thought-provoking list of people to share their musings on play, and I am delighted to be included in this year’s series.


Here is a snippet from my essay which you can read in its entirety today:

“For the past several months I’ve been thinking about Rachel’s question, “Do you play with your kids?” and for some reason it has me unsettled. I’ve been rolling this question around in my thoughts, marinating in different ideas of what play means to me and by extension, what it means to my kids. My gut response is to say a resounding, “Yes!” but then a little voice nips at me from the sidelines, whispering, “Do you?”.”

Read more here.

How often do you play with your kids? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this one!