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7 Holiday Photos You'll Want to Recreate

Really cute holiday photo ideas to inspire you.

Every year at this time, the scramble starts. Families all over the place (OK, mostly moms) get wild eyed and maybe a little bit obsessive about their holiday photos. What should we wear? How should we pose? Can we manage to get a picture that we'll love for years to come? Should we try to capture the kids' personalities or go for straight portraits? What about props? Will the kids even cooperate?

With so many questions to think about, I thought I'd make your (and also my) life easier by finding a few really cute holiday photo ideas to inspire you. Whether or not you can get your kids to cooperate is a whole other story...


Corrie Lindroos Photography


JWL Photography


Clearly Perceived Photography via Baby Center


Joop Joop Designs


Mandie Lane


X & V Photography via BuzzFeed


Cayden Lane Photography

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