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A Boy & His Dog

Photos by Michael Kormos Family Photography

To memorialize Sebastian's 3rd birthday (and Mapu's 4th), we had these beautiful photographs taken by Michael Kormos Family Photography at Pier 62 along the Hudson River. As it turns out, the shoot was exactly one week before Lucas was born and one of the remaining days for us as a family of 4.

I can't decide if this past year flew by or was the longest of my life. On one hand, it feels like just yesterday that we were popping jelly beans and giggling while I snapped these photos of Sebastian when he turned "Two." On the other, I look back at how much we've all grown and how much has changed and it doesn't seem possible it's only been 12 months.

From two to three was a big year for Sebastian. As I've mentioned, he really started communicating and coming into his own. For us as parents, it's been fulfilling beyond words to finally hear what we suspected was swirling around that big brain of his, while realizing he's developed a sense of humor, compassion, and the ability to express his love and affection is truly the manifestation of the miracle of life.

Now that Sebastian imitates everything we do and say, I've also been forced to look at myself in a way I'm not sure I ever have before. Self awareness is an ongoing mission but nothing is as brutally honest as your own reflection staring back at you from your child. I've come to realize a lot of things about myself that I'm not very proud of like how short my fuse is, how quick I am to yell, and good god my potty mouth. You can't get away with a single thing when a sponge-brain toddler is studying you as intently as they do. I suppose I should be thankful that I recognize these things but it's hard as hell to change and even harder not to feel defeated that I'm not better at this.

These photos-- the joy on Sebastian's face and his tenderness towards Mapu, remind me of all the things I'm doing right.