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A Summer of Firsts

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Despite my complaining, I'm actually surprised to look at the calendar and see we're already halfway through August. Don't get me wrong, I feel like shit and my body looks like it's about to explode but I feel like it went by relatively quickly, all things considered.

The first half, when I was still mobile and the temps were cooperating, we were on the go, a lot. It seems both Sebastian and I share a passion for adventure and new experiences. So we traveled to New Jersey to ogle at life-size dinosaurs and root for Argentina at Sebastian's first ever fútbol game (Argentina 4, Brazil 3!). He celebrated his first Fleet Week, munched on his first bucket of buttery theater popcorn (Madagascar 3), whac'd many-a-mole at his first carnival, and walked into his first day of camp without glancing back:

First Futbol Game!
First Futbol Game!
Carnival Night Victorian Gardens
Carnival Night Victorian Gardens
First Movie!
First Movie!
First Day of Camp
First Day of Camp

But as the summer haze crept in, we began spending more time indoors. As much as I hate being holed up and feeling like a prisoner, slowing down has been good in many ways.

For one, our lives are about to be turned upside down and these are the final days it's going to be just me and my little buddy. Bittersweet after almost 3 years of "Bubba and mama." I'm happy to have created so many beautiful memories, just the two of us. I know it's unlikely he'll remember any of it at all but I'll never forget and am confident that our closeness is having a positive impact on the person he is developing into.

Another benefit is that Sebastian is learning to "hang out" and play independently. One of the things that always scares me about raising kids in the city is the constant need to supervise them and schedule activities. I recall spending a lot of time alone as a kid and being in the yard with my brother and cousins just playing make believe. I don't want Sebastian to grow up thinking every day is a field trip to a world-class museum.

While our proximity to cultural attractions and educational activities is a benefit I don't take for granted, I want him to learn how to be bored and use his imagination to entertain himself. If you laugh at this sentiment, I'll have you know that between the over-the-top blogging events we're fortunate to get invited to, birthday parties, and plain old trips to the zoos, museums, and playgrounds, Sebastian often wakes up asking questions like, "Are we going to a party today?" and regularly demands we hit up the American Museum of Natural History to "see the bones."

I realize he has the entire transition from childhood to adulthood to realize life is more than just bouncing from one cupcake shop to the next but I do worry he's a little "over-scheduled" and not so secretly love the fact that he's now able to sit through an entire cartoon, listen to music, construct a "tent" with pillows and blankets, get lost with his trains, and color without our participation.

All of these developments are certainly a result of him getting older but I think spending more time inside and simply not being able to get down on the floor and do it all with/for him has helped facilitate his new-found independence.

Then there's his vocabulary. It's mind-blowing that a year ago he only spoke a few words (not including grunts) because now I'm not sure there's anything he can't say. Just like that.

I remember worrying that the words wouldn't come and monitoring him closely in case we needed early intervention but sure enough, like everyone assured me, he began to speak. Not only speak but emote. We're now working on all the different words for feelings and I have to control my laughter when he yells at me, "Mama, I'm angry with you!" Imagine if all men could communicate like that?! Dear Future Daughter-in-Law, you're welcome.

Lastly (and this point would be first if this post were written by Leo), if you follow me on Pinterest or Instagram, you may have noticed a "More Martha Project" inspiration board and that I've been cooking. I know, I know, my image is shot to hell now but I cannot tell I lie. I can cook.

Since I'm home and have the time, and know how happy it makes dear Leo to come home to something other than take out, Sebastian and I have been spending time in the kitchen. It's a helluva a lot of work but obviously healthier and a good example for Bubba. Dear Future Daughter-in-Law, I'm sorry about this one. Hopefully Sebastian picked up a thing or two and shares in all the household chores.

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