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Babo Botanicals Sensitive Baby Skin Care

Introducing Babo's new sensitive skin care for newborn baby and eczema-prone skin.
babo sensitive baby reviews

Babo Botanicals' products are pretty delicious to begin with and I've always felt 100% comfortable using them on my children. Its natural hair, skin, and sun products collections are made entirely on a certified organic farm in upstate New York and are completely vegan (except the lotions that contain beeswax), free of parabens, phthalates, and artificial fragrances. Now Babo has released a separate line of sensitive skin therapy called Sensitive Baby

Specifically formulated for sensitive, dry or eczema-prone skin, the Babo Sensitive Baby collection contains Sensitive Baby Fragrance-Free Shampoo & Wash, Sensitive Baby Fragrance Free Newborn Foam Wash (an instant favorite!), Sensitive Baby Fragrance-Free Diaper Cream, Sensitive Baby Fragrance-Free Daily Hydra Lotion, Sensitive Baby All-Natural Healing Ointment, and Sensitive Baby All Natural Hydrating Stick. The complete collection is everything I need for my baby from bath time and beyond. I love the pumps and calming packaging, and best of all, it doesn't dry out my son's skin!

Babo Botanical's new Sensitive Baby Skin Care collection is available on its website starting at $9.95.

Samples provided.