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BabyBjörn, the Swedish family-owned company know for its baby carriers, has launched a new version of its classic bouncer design from 1961 with a new look and style – the BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss.

“We are so happy that so many families love our bouncer. We wanted to create a soft and contemporary look and feel that suits the style and personality of our consumers in colors that work for many lifestyles,” said Lillemor Jakobson, BabyBjörn’s creative director and co-founder. 

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Bouncer Bliss is available in two new looks: luxurious, quilted cotton in four lavish colors, and a lightweight, soft mesh in three fresh, modern colors. I love the simple, classic design and soft colors.

The gentle rocking creates a sense of bliss and tranquility, not just at the beginning of a baby’s life, but later on as well. The BabyBjörn team believes, and I think we can all agree, a baby who gets a safe, secure start feels the benefits for a long time to come.

The soft and natural rocking, completely powered by the baby, requires no batteries or cords. This encourages babies’ interaction with their sense of balance and motor skills, by rocking in response to their own movements. Avoiding bouncers that rely on battery-powered stimulation will also decrease the chance of babies developing a dependency on movement for sleep.

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“Many families we meet see the bouncer as a lifesaver,” said Björn Engström, vice president at BabyBjörn. “In my family, we bring it everywhere – around the house to different rooms, and when we travel or visit our friends.”

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Additional features and benefits of Bouncer Bliss:

· It is portable when folded flat and comes fully assembled. I cannot tell you what a lifesaver that is for me and my pregnancy brain. It also makes it super easy to store and travel with. 
· It has a sleek design with three easy-to-adjust positions, and has a removable, washable fabric because spit up.
· Offers proper support for baby’s back, neck and head.
· Can be used from day one up to 24 months of age.
· Free from health-hazardous substances and approved according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class I for baby products.
· Accessories: Toy for Bouncer to double the fun.

We're all thumbs up on this beautiful, safe piece for baby. Some babies need a little bit more stimulation than others as they grow and develop but for the more peaceful observer, this is our current top pick.

The BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss retails for $200+ and is available on Amazon.

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