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Barbie in Princess Power

Barbie goes glam AND fierce with her new role as a super hero, Barbie in Princess Power! #BeSuper
Barbie in Princess Power Review

What could be more exciting to a 3-year-old girl than Barbie and Super Heroes? Barbie in Princess Power, that's what!

For the first time in the brand’s 56-year history, Barbie is donning a cape and mask and taking on the role of Super Hero. Hot on the trails of its debut at Toy Fair, I was able to share this glittery, glamorous doll with my daughter, "Miss H."

Photographer Jeff O'BrienStylist Jennifer Shaw

Clearly this girl loves Super Heroes, as evidenced by her adoration of her favorite Wonder Woman costume, and extra points go to anything pink and sparkly. Miss H had seen the commercial for Barbie in Princess Power and it was already on "the list" so it was super awesome to see her excitement when I placed the doll in her little outstretched hands and told her to open her eyes. She jumped for joy, squealed and ran around the apartment with lightning speed like any seasoned super hero would.

Little H can't get enough of her new Barbie and has been toting it all over Manhattan - from the subway to the supermarket, it's always in her tiny clutches. Growing up, I always liked when my Barbies could "do something" (do you remember when Western Barbie winked her big blue eyeshadow-ed eye?!) and Barbie in Princess Power goes from gorgeous gown to glittery cape with just a push of a button. Twist her legs and the cape lowers back to a skirt and once again her super powers are in disguise. Even H's twin brother can get in on the action as there is a male "reporter doll."

Princess Power Barbie saved the day in this household, making another snowy week easier to get through.

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Nancy Deane is a former marketing and lifestyle maven now on her biggest project yet: raising twins in Manhattan. This Canadian via California girl enjoys exploring beauty, fashion, travel and design (for adults and kids alike) and can be followed on Twitter and Instagram as @toastncandy.

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