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Big Bub had his 9-month check-up this week and I'm happy to report he is still in fact, big. He weighed 23 pounds and measured over 31 inches. His doctor said he's burning more calories since he's now mobile so he's likely to plateau a bit. My back is really looking forward to that.

By the way, his pediatrician is Dr. Weinberger of Premier Pediatrics in Gramercy. I highly recommend them. We've never waited more than a few minutes for an appointment to begin, the staff is very friendly and responsive, the office appears to be very clean, the practice has an up-to-date website, and Dr. Weinberger has great bedside manner. I have two friends whose children see Dr. Price and Dr. Julie and they're also very happy. Even so, I hope we don't have to see them again until the 12-month visit :)