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Big Girls Don't Cry

Last night, in the good company of some aunts and cousins, I finally saw Jersey Boys, on Broadway. I'd been wanting to see it for so long and am thrilled that it lived up to all the hype it's garnered. The show is absolutely fantastic!

The music made me tap, clap, and cry. Yes, cry. I was literally weeping throughout the mostly feel-good musical, which has become pretty standard for me lately. It really got me thinking- since I gave birth, I'm a total cry baby.

There are a whole host of situations that shouldn't really merit such an intense flood of emotion but sure enough my eyes well up and floweth over. Here are the biggest instigators:

- Singing of the national anthem. Sure I'm patriotic but come on! Combine it with this next one and I might as well be at a funeral...

- Adulation, applause, and standing ovations. I can't explain it fully except that I feel moved by the energy of the crowd and maybe for one small second I can imagine what it's like to be in the shoes of the person(s) being honored.

- Open mic at Big Bub's Songs for Seeds music class. Lil' tykes singing The Alphabet Song or The Lion Sleeps Tonight? GULP!

- Birth stories. Other people's too! But the most damage occurs when I'm looking at pictures from Big Bub's and thinking back to that special day when he introduced himself to the world.

- Public speaking and nerves. Occasionally, (mostly in work-related situations but not always) if I'm speaking to a group, I'll get flushed and nervous and feel my eyes start to water for no conscious reason.

- Arguments with Glamadad. Crying is only one of the physical reactions. Others include, spitting fire and blowing steam out of my ears.

Might my hormones be out of balance? Will the imbalance last forever (or until menopause once again rocks the boat that is my endocrine system)?

Sorry Frankie but big girls do cry! Especially this one.