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Glam Baby Gear | BOB Revolution FLEX #BOBSays

On the road with the BOB Revolution FLEX jogging stroller.



It's hard to believe that less than two weeks ago it was 50+ degrees and we were enjoying a balmy afternoon jog in the park. If I didn't have these photos as proof, I would think it was all a dream. Especially since tiny snowflakes are powdering my window as I type this. That's New York weather for you!

While I'm not exactly sure the next time I'll be hitting the trails with my teammate here, I wanted to share our experience with the "1HGkB1e" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">BOB Revolution FLEX stroller.



BOB is undeniably the gold standard in jogging strollers and bike trailers. The company has been around since the mid-90s but when it introduced the "Revolution" with a swivel-front wheel in 2005, it seemed everyone was racing around town with a BOB (Beast of Burden, for those in the know).

So what makes a BOB so special?

Whether you're a runner or not, having a stroller that can handle different terrains is a major plus, as is a substantial, cushioned stroller with high-impact wheels and an adjustable suspension system. There are five BOB strollers available and four of those are offered as doubles (Duallie). Here's a great comparison chart to understand the variations between BOB strollers and determine which, if any, is the right fit for you.



"1HGkB1e" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Revolution FLEX, available in both a single and double stroller, has a 9-position adjustable handle bar to create the perfect fit for its user, no matter what your physical height or handle bar height preference. I really like this feature because my preference changes from day and if I'm walking or running. FLEX also stands out among BOBs because it comes in a black frame, giving it the most color options of any of the BOB strollers.

The storage basket beneath the seat is adequate and there's an additional seat-back pocket and two little internal side pockets for snacks or toys (or hands, see below). FLEX's weight of 26.2 lbs is slightly less than other jogging strollers on the market, which may be important you at this weight class. I also really like the easy-to-use foot activated parking break and that it folds in two quick steps. The FLEX does not have a hand break (the Stroller Strides Fitness model does) and all accessories are sold separately, including an Infant Car Seat Adapter.

The ride is super smooth as evidenced by my little buddy's inability to stay awake only minutes into our run (note his paws in the side pockets):



BOB has certainly earned it's reputation in my book.

The BOB Revolution FLEX is available for $279.99 on "1HGkB1e" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Amazon.

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