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Children and gender roles is a hot topic in the media right now as parents are openly supporting unconventional behaviors and even challenging them.

For better or for worse, Sebastian thus far displays traditional male behavioral characteristics.

I don't think I've ever encouraged or discouraged him either way, although I do dress him in typical boyish/sporty clothing (because I think it suits him).

Following a Time to Play toy showcase, I brought home a My First Disney Princess doll in a beautiful pink dress but after a quick once over, he tossed her on the floor and the toy box is where she has reigned ever since. But give him Playskool's Tonka Chuck Tumble Tower or Weebles On The Bus, and he'll play independently for an extended period of time.

Strolling down the swirling streets of Manhattan, Sebastian's arm can be seen outstretched and pointing as he yells to every ar! (car), us! (bus), adeeeee! (taxi), and uck! (no, not f*ck, truck. Give it time.) that catches his wide eyes.

He simply gravitates towards vehicles.


RIDEMAKERZ delighted my boyz this past weekend with an invitation to the ginormous Toys "R" Us, Times Square to become part of the "Pit Crew" and customize their own Disney•Pixar Cars 2 toy cars.

Along with their 5 nationwide locations, the RIDEMAKERZ experience is located within select new-format Disney Stores and Toys "R" Us stores nationwide.

The Toys “R” Us Snap ‘N’ Go line offers everything needed so that your kidz can trick-out their own favorite characters from the Cars 2 movie at home. Character choices include Lightning McQueen, Mater, Finn McMissile, and Francesco Bernoulli. Each custom kit (starting at $19.99) includes a Cars 2 character body as well as a range of interchangeable accessories and is really designed for kids ages four and up. For more information, visit or


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