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It's crucial that children between the ages of 4 and 11 years old use a car booster seat to ensure their safety while on the road. Booster seats are specifically made to keep the lapbelt from rising up into the abdomen area and it's been proven that booster seats improve a child’s safety in the car by nearly 60%. But how many times have you been stuck without one because a full size car seat or booster is too heavy to travel with or doesn't fit in your back seat?

bubble bum booster

I'll never forget how relieved I was when we discovered BubbleBum, the original inflatable car booster seat for kids aged 4-11, weighing 40-100 pounds. We'd jumped in taxis too many times without the proper seating or sat someone in the tight middle seat that doesn't fit a booster. BubbleBum can both inflate and deflate in minutes, making it simple to throw in a backpack or large purse. It includes belt positioning clips in place of arm rests, so it’s possible to fit three boosters across the back seat of a car, minivan, or SUV. BubbleBum's “boost” keeps kiddos from slouching to bend their legs over the edge of the car seat. Slumping introduces slack into the belt path and can lead to submarining (where the seat belt slides above the pelvis and into the abdominal area). It's the perfect travel companion for road trips, vacations, cab rides, fly-ins, and more. We now have several that I stash in the trunk for car pool and we never travel without them.

This summer we've been enjoying the limited edition designer collection inspired by unforgettable travels, near and far. The Stars & Stripes design is perfect for the upcoming Labor Day weekend!  

bubble bum review

I also love that BubbleBum is a family-owned company founded by Irish mom of two, Grainne Kelly. Grainne was frustrated having to transport bulky, hard booster seats on planes and car rental companies not providing booster seats for her children, so she designed her own portable booster seat. In a few short years, BubbleBum has paved the way for inflatable car seats and is one of the safest booster seats on the market. With its satisfactory design for parents and children, BubbleBum won GOLD in the 2014 National Parenting Publications Awards and is proud to join the exclusive winners circle selected by the PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) Media Awards. BubbleBum was also announced the IIHS (Insurance Institute of Highway Safety) “Best Bet” in their booster seat evaluation report, where they’ve branded BubbleBum as one of the best for safety.

Whether you’re taking a road trip to Yosemite or boarding an airplane to discover Big Ben, and all the sights beyond, your kids will be safe with BubbleBum booster seats. 

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